Product Engineering

Our product engineering services focus on product strategy, product design & innovation, product & platform development, and product management services.

Digital Integration

Digital Integration is a key enabler for unlocking any digital backbone of organization by providing end-to-end services to adopt API first.

Digital Services

We partner with you in building a robust Digital Backbone, Intelligent Operations and an intelligent Connected Experience for your end customers.

AI, Data & Insights

For ai and data - AI, Data & Insights is our all-encompassing paradigm to help you achieve your goal of tangible and intangible business outcomes through Data.

Digital Process Automation

Leveraging technology to automate, instrument, coordinate, and optimize activities at the "outside edges" of organizations and throughout value chains and vital support functions.

Cloud and Infrastructure Management Services

We combine domain and technology with engineering practices to help you understand, measure, rethink, redefine, evolve, and future-proof your multi-cloud environment.

CyberSecurity Services

In the current interconnected environment, CyberSecurity plays an important role in not only keeping the environment secure but also enabling business strategies and supporting growth.

Advanced Application Engineering Services

Our Strategy, for our advanced application engineering services, defines a “product-mindset infused adaptable operating system and a multi-velocity business model”.

Business Process Solutions (BPS)

Business process solutions and digital platforms to help you improve customer experience, grow your business, reduce costs and increase efficiency and quality by partnering for business process transformation.


With decades of experience and domain expertise across Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality we know the nuanced challenges they face. With recent forays into Retail, Public Sector, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Hi Tech & Manufacturing we are here to solve complex challenges and generate boundless opportunities. Our 20,000 associates spread across 25 delivery centres provide innovation and speed to market, to achieve modernisation, transformation and deliver superior solutions.


Long-term customer relationships define us. Be it Life & Annuities, Property and Casualties, or Lloyd’s and London market space—focused attention on large to mid-sized carriers keeps us going. More than 30 million policies transformed, USD 100 billion premium payments written by clients, and 5X savings delivered through legacy modernization for over 100 active Insurers.

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Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

The Travel Industry is transforming rapidly with change being driven by evolving customer demands, growing economies, increased competition, and disruptive technology. Working with over 100 customers, our deep domain expertise has hardwired us to unlock value through emerging technologies like Automation, AI, and Analytics in response to the key industry needs of personalization and seamless operations.

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Banking and Financial Services

With the emergence of new digital economy, it is imperative for financial institutions to be more competitive, high-performing and operationally efficient as ever. Operating at the intersect of domain and emerging technologies, we are helping Financial Institutions to adapt, scale and get ready for what’s next. Led by our strong consulting practice, our full spectrum of digital, analytics, automation and enterprise cloud services can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is at an inflexion point with the Patient at the centre of transformation. The objective is simple – provide better quality care to patients at reduced costs with a personalized experience and simplified processes.

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Public Sector

The Public Sector is embracing digital transformation, updating legacy systems to Cloud native services and undertaking process transformation to realize the value available. We provide a full range of IT services to the Public Sector through a wide range of government-approved frameworks and open procurements.

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    Hi-tech & Manufacturing

    The Hi-tech industry today needs a new digital paradigm for revenue growth, higher NPS, and good margins. They require new digital business models enabled by true digital products, which are scalable, provide excellent user experience, and are built over a stable platform. This enables a competitive advantage for ISVs and Software OEMs & helps drive top-line growth and customer satisfaction.

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    Media & Entertainment

    With a Dual shore delivery model from multiple locations in the US and India to provide 24/7/365 coverage and ensure business continuity we are able to offer high quality design and marketing solutions. We have gained Experience serving online publishers, ad networks and agencies, we have built technical expertise in all the major leading ad serving and rich media technologies.

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    Retail & CPG

    Retail has witnessed more turbulence in the last 20 years due to consumer behaviors and demographic changes than it had in the past, market has been rocked by COVID-19 pandemic and emergence of disruptive business models. It is expected to evolve even faster in the next few years. Today’s consumers use various channels to compare and buy products and services.

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    Enduring Relationships


    Agile Implementation

    Case Study: Automate manual customer on boarding in 4 weeks

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    Cloud Transformation

    Case Study: Migrating 50 business critical application in 5 months

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    Intelligent Automation

    Point of View: Deliver business agility and superior experiences

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    Machine Learning

    Point of View: Building data-driven machine learning modules

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    Brochure: Achieve faster time to market

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    Light weight Integration

    Whitepaper: Building API’s for today’s Digital Business

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    Open Banking

    Blog: Enabling frictionless customer experiences using Open Banking

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    Machine Vision

    Blog: Embracing Machine Vision in Insurance to Remain Competitive

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    Coforge in the News

    Coforge delivers a strong performance in Q2 FY23. PAT up 37.1% YoY
    Coforge receives the award for Best Use of AI in BFSI sector
    Coforge announces partnership with Databricks to help organizations generate actionable insights from data