About Us

About Us

Coforge is a global digital services and solutions provider, that enables its clients to transform at the intersect of domain expertise and emerging technologies to achieve real-world business impact. A focus on very select industries, a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of those industries and partnerships with leading platforms provides us a distinct perspective. Coforge leads with its product engineering approach and leverages Cloud, Data, Integration and Automation technologies to transform client businesses into intelligent, high growth enterprises. Coforge’s proprietary platforms power critical business processes across its core verticals. The firm has a presence in 21 countries with 25 delivery centers across nine countries.

Our Vision

Engage with the Emerging

It underlines our commitment to accelerate impact for clients and their customers by leveraging emerging technologies and new business operating models

Our Mission

Transform at the Intersect

Our 21,000+ employees are the experts who execute at the intersect of technology and domain expertise to help our clients transform their businesses



  • 63 NPS - Best in the Class
  • 20K + Employees Globally
  • 30 + Sales Offices
  • 250 + Clients
  • 2.5K + Onshore Consultants


Standard for Quality management system Certified since 2006

Standard for Infra and Support projects Certified since 2012

Standard for Information Security Certified since 2005

CMMI ML5 Certified
since 2005

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