APPII is an online verification, career management, and recruitment platform. A new secure way to work. Save time and costs in referencing employees by verifying using the CV verification APPII platform. It uses blockchain technology to enable the verification of CV credentials by educators and employers and matches those verified CV details to job requirements. Its platform is GDPR 2018 compliant.

It’s simple and low-cost employee background screening that is revolutionizing micro-credential capture and verification. Coforge has partnered with APPII to develop and deploy the product for APPII’s customers.
Coforge is also working together with APPII to develop and deploy a digital health passport solution that helps determine and verify the health status of an individual. This solution has a wide range of post-lockdown use cases, from helping workers get back to their workplace to ensure people can travel safely. To know more, visit

World's first blockchain career verification platform |  APPII