Curiosity ( was the first company to launch an Open Test Platform. Our goal is simple – don’t test when you don’t have to. With data-driven insights into the impact of change, we expose the fastest path to validate your changes, in-sprint and with complete test data.

The Open Test Platform builds on our team’s wide-reaching experience in crafting test generation and test data management solutions, and encompasses our flagship Test Data Automation and Test Modeller products. Test Data Automation provides rich data “just in time” for automated tests and parallel test teams, ensuring that every test has the data it needs. Test Modeller generates optimised test cases and scripts from quick-to-build-flowcharts, importing new stories and tests to generate rigorous tests in-sprint. As The Open Testing Platform identifies changes that need testing in-sprint, Test Modeller and Test Data Automation combine to push up-to-date tests and data to open source and commercial functional test tools.