What is needed is a unified platform for Integration & Automation for Business and IT

Platform for Integration & Automation

  • 1k+ integrations - apps, DBs & cloud
  • Event-driven business process automation
  • Engagement via bots in Slack & MSFT teams

Designed for Business & IT

  • No-code user experience
  • Centralized governance & management
  • Faster to get started, collaborate & iterate

Simplicity & Power

  • 100% SaaS - zero software to manage
  • Scales elastically to handle any workflow
  • Secure - SOC2 Type 2, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR

Automating Tasks

Focused on repetitive task elements done by humans

Automating Business Functions

Focused on automating a small function in a business application

Automating Apps

Automating across business applications & systems including STP

Automating Business Processes

Automating entire end-to-end processes

Automating Business Decisions

Business by Exceptions - includes ML/AI & rules driven decisioning, BOTS, Adaptive

Cognitive Automation

Intelligently Autonomous business - driven by DL/AI, Conversational/Dialog Interfaces etc.

Coforge Workato Practice

Quick, In-depth, Experience-backed Solution Enablers

Coforge Workato CoE focusses on Continuous investment building capability both in terms of resource strength and expertise through training and innovation which has bestowed delivery methodology resulting in building long lasting relationship with clients.

Strategic Solutions

  • Re-platform the landscape
  • Re-look at IT operations & modernize in the most efficient way
  • Reduce redundancy & increase reuse
  • Prioritize key areas & modernize in most optimal way
  • Renew & Enhance what is existing
  • Prepare the platform for future with critical changes


We specialize in conducting platform assessment & Integration roadmap development & implementation

Our presence is across various sectors covering Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, BFSI and Utility sector

Our CoE drives technology initiatives , asset building and people groomin

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