Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is at an inflexion point with the Patient at the center of transformation. The objective is simple – provide better quality care to patients at reduced costs with a personalized experience and simplified processes. The solution? To embrace the true potential of new-age digital technology. Coforge helps healthcare and life sciences enterprises transform at the intersect of cutting-edge technology to deliver next gen business solutions. Our dedicated team of experts, spanning across Healthcare and Life Sciences, brings in a unique flavor of innovative thinking seasoned with years of domain experience.

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Healthcare Payers+
Healthcare Payers

Coforge addresses the Industry evolutions and business priorities around MLR, Care Quality, Operational efficiency, Revenue leakage prevention, Value based contracts, Benefits and Care, Interoperability and connected health with Domain & Technology solutions and capabilities built and acquired to ensure that the right value is offered to the customers head of time.

  • Delivering a flawless ecosystem with end to end claims processing services
  • Enhance productivity with our efficient Member Enrollment and Reconciliation Services
  • Improve claims management with our Interoperability solution

Healthcare Providers+
Healthcare Providers

Digital Technologies are molding the fundamentals of care delivery and simplifying processes across the domain. The touch of technology now spans from the back office to the patient. Coforge can guide you in this evolution to keep the patient at a pivotal point in contriving a seamless experience for all stakeholders. The future is digital and we help you embrace it.

Life Sciences+
Life Sciences

A shift in focus towards patient centricity and quality of care has set the industry rolling in a fast paced evolution track. Embracing a true digital transformation across the value chain is now intrinsic to progress. The end goal is an enterprise delivering seamless experience to its stakeholders despite the challenges and we are here to guide you from the very beginning of this paradigm shift.

  • New age data and analytics to reshape the Life Sciences value chain.
  • Innovative blockchain solution to tackle the perennial challenge of counterfeiting.
  • Intelligent automation tools to simplify processes in a highly regulated eco system

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Health Passport+
Health Passport

Making Healthcare and Life Sciences Operation Safer

While the rest of the world is confined within closed doors, the healthcare and life sciences organizations are at the frontline. While healthcare professionals continue to operate at the forefront to administer the best care, the life science professionals continue to research and develop a cure. In these times, the need for finding digital solutions to contain the spread of the pandemic remains a necessity. Coforge’s health passport is a user-friendly tool that contrives a safe and contactless ecosystem for this tireless industry.

Data Science for Healthcare & Life Sciences+
Data Science for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences with the power of Data Science

Digital transformation carried out in the last decade has paved the way for new business models, necessitating data science adoption as a strategic tool. In today's business landscape, data is the new gold. New-age business challenges require utilizing data, computation power, and technology breakthroughs to modernize the traditional business models. Data science plays a pivotal role in redefining the healthcare and life sciences businesses, touching upon all the key activities across the value chain.

Blockchain and Connected Health Ecosystem+
Blockchain and Connected Health Ecosystem

Blockchain and Connected Health Ecosystem

Enabling sharing of health information amongst patients/members, payers, and providers through consent management given on the fly to enable unrelated health entities to share health data.  Smart contracts ensure that there is no delay or inconsistency, or inadequacy in reviewing a patient's condition and the needed treatment. Use cases includes the following:

  • Patient Information sharing and Interoperability
  • Claim Settlement
  • Contract Management
  • Real-Time Health Monitoring 

Intelligent Automation for Health Insurance+
Intelligent Automation for Health Insurance

Innovative Blockchain solution to tight-seal the pharmaceutical supply chain

Cutting edge technology like Blockchain has simplified Supply Chain, providing a robust and transparent solution to the age-old problem of counterfeit. Our solution has an innate capability to link various stakeholders in the supply chain, allowing the end-user to effortlessly authenticate a product’s provenance. 

Intelligent Document Processor+
Intelligent Document Processor

Smart technology operations 

Delivering Business Value and Competitive Advantage through AI and Automation.​Coforge injects intuitive workflows and real-time capabilities to deliver next-gen self-healing systems.

Anti-Counterfeiting in Pharma Supply Chain+
Anti-Counterfeiting in Pharma Supply Chain

Simplify business documents with the power of AL, ML, and Automation​

Processing large documents is a key routine in Healthcare and Life Sciences; simplifying this mundane task can free valuable resources and deliver crucial business insights. Our intelligent solution can not only extract, summarize, and cluster large documents but also provide interactive graphical insights with the added advantage of semantic search.  

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Digital Services+
Digital Services

Future-ready digital solutions for your enterprise​

Working at the intersection of emerging technologies and deep domain expertise across Healthcare and Life Sciences, Coforge helps clients turbocharge their technology initiatives and shape their strategy around business transformation. ​

Through next-gen application outsourcing frameworks, domain-specific solutions, and accelerators, Coforge offers the speed-to-value lever that transforms organizations inside out and unlocks amplified business outcomes.​

Advanced Application Engineering Services+
Advanced Application Engineering Services

Application Services for Healthcare and Life Sciences​

Explore how Coforge transforms organizations by leveraging DevOps, Open Source, Cloud, Microservices architectures, Automation, AI, Blockchain, and Agile models with the objective of 'Being Agile' and gaining competitive advantage​.

Infrastructure Management Services+
Infrastructure Management Services

Smart end-to-end Technology management​

Having the right technology capabilities helps deliver the envisioned business outcomes.  Does your technology landscape meet your business needs?​
Coforge's innovative platforms, IPs, and frameworks make us an ideal partner to deliver automated infrastructure and cloud services.​

Data and Analytics+
Data and Analytics

Advanced analytics & Data Services​

Coforge with its extensive domain expertise and advanced analytics capabilities,  enable Healthcare and Life Sciences to better manage, modernize, and monetize their data.​

Coforge focuses on three important pillars to enable a Single Unified View of the patient, derived from multiple data sources.​

  • Manage - Enterprise Data Management, Data Integration, and Managed Services​
  • Modernize - Data Lakes, Analytics, and Virtualization​
  • Monetize - Visualization and Insights​

Intelligent Automation+
Intelligent Automation

Smart technology operations ​

Delivering Business Value and Competitive Advantage through AI and Automation.​

Coforge injects intuitive workflows and real-time capabilities to deliver next-gen self-healing systems

Products and Platforms Integration+
Products and Platforms Integration

Optimizing Businesses with products and platforms Integration​

We deliver a seamless Integration of Healthcare and Life Sciences products and platforms to deliver an uninterrupted business experience.​

Our deep expertise and product knowledge help organizations:​

  • Manage large programs effectively ​
  • Seamlessly integrate architecture design​
  • Adopt advanced data and analytics​
  • De-risk quickly and cost-effectively​
  • A vast product bank including, but not limited to, TriZetto, Nasco, Nextgen, zeOmega, InterSystems, Veeva, SAP ​

Why Coforge

Coforge team’s depth in domain expertise, solution-centric approach, IPs and digital-focused services help Healthcare and Life Sciences enterprises device complex solutions to transform their business, and offer unique value proposition to their members, patients and other stakeholders.

  • Dedicated Healthcare and Life Sciences consulting team with decades of industry of experience
  • Preferred partnership status with leading Healthcare & Life Sciences product vendors
  • Dedicated CoEs and implementation capabilities across multiple Healthcare & Life Sciences  solutions
  • Multi-shore Agile-enabled and outcome-focused to co-create unique propositions towards digital transformation 
  • “Digital-first” approach in client engagements with specific focus on Cloud and Microservices adoption



IT and Digital Transformations Managed

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