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The insurance industry is undergoing change with significant consequences to risk factors.  These risks pose both challenges and threats to the Insurance carriers. At Coforge, we see these challenges as opportunities for our clients to grow written premiums or improve policyholder and agent Net Promoter Scores (NPS). For every opportunity, we have a solution. Our suite of solutions leverages known core policy, underwriting, and claims platforms to deliver next-gen solutions for our clients. Co-engineered with our partners, our solutions incorporate our deep technical and industry knowledge. Let our domain-led Advisory organization show you how we address your opportunities.

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Life & Annuities+
Life & Annuities

Agility and speed to market are critical for life & annuity carriers to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Facing disruption by InsureTechs, insurers must innovate their product offerings, customer engagement, and distribution models to stay ahead of the competition. Insurers, saddled with a complex legacy application landscape, have an imperative to modernize their platforms and position themselves to fully embrace digital, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Coforge's core platform transformation services coupled with insurance customer-centric experience method helps insurers accelerate their modernization journey.

Property & Casualty+
Property & Casualty

The insurance industry has been plagued by challenges of legacy systems, outdated processes, lack of innovation, and stringent regulatory requirements. With the entry of tech-savvy  InsurTech companies, traditional insurers must up their digitization process. At Coforge, we understand the complexities and unpredictability of Property & Casualty deals and the challenges to automate the processes. With years of experience, we’ve enabled our clients to optimize their processes with RPA, AI//ML, NLP, and workflow automation – delivering the best digital experience and business value.

Lloyd's and London Market+
Lloyd's and London Market

The Lloyd’s and London Market, is a unique ecosystem of U.K. insurance and reinsurance industry and global marketplace for complex risk. Amidst the digital revolution – accelerated due to the pandemic - the vision for Future of Lloyd's has leaped from Blueprint One which was focused on Simplification, Efficiency, and Reduction of risk to Blueprint Two – which will offer the opportunity to innovate and serve their customer better, faster, and cheaper. With our deep understanding of commercial insurance, we bring the synergy of data and technology to:

  • Enhance User Experience
  • Improve customer outcomes
  • Lower costs
  • Gain higher efficiency

Engineering Innovation
Cloud Services+
Cloud Services

Cloud is enabling as-a-service models for insurers. Combined with Coforge’s digital portfolio of solutions, the cloud can be leveraged to achieve agility in launching new products and building next-gen digital capabilities. ​

  • CapEx redu​ction on core systems​
  • Expense ratio reduction through cloud efficiencies​
  • Launch new product & capabilities in days compared to months

Digital Transformation+
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how insurers use technology to fundamentally change processes for the tech-savvy consumer. Laying the foundation for such a set-up requires a digital partner that understands. ​

  • Complex workflow of the insurance value chain ​
  • Stringent data privacy & compliance requirements (e.g. HIPAA)​
  • Industry standards for insurance such as ACORD​


Fraudulent claims, data breaches, slow processing of claims, inefficient handling of multi-party transactions are plaguing insurers. Blockchain, with features like decentralization, smart contracts, data integrity, and immutable ledgers  is disrupting the insurance industry by providing solutions for:  

  • Timely fraud detection & risk prevention  ​
  • Automated real-time data collection, analysis of claims, and reserve calculations for reinsurance  ​
  • Automated 'smart contracts' for quick claims settlement


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions are disrupting the entire insurance value chain – from sales & distribution of insurance products to adjudication & payment of claims. Our AI/ML solutions can help you enhance customer experience, improve service efficiency, reduce costs, and boost sales. ​

  • Group pricing optimizer using ML​
  • Natural language processing (NLP) based digital assistants for policyholder servicing​
  • Extraction of insights from health history documents using computer vision & NLP to improve underwriting and claims processes


The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining the insurance industry and creating new opportunities across Personal & Commercial, Life & Annuities, and reinsurance markets. ​

  • Life & health insurers improve recovery time for short term disability claims using wearables​
  • Auto insurers launch usage-based auto insurance using telematics​
  • Property insurers reduce losses (e.g. water-related claims) using leak detection devices

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Core Transformation+
Core Transformation

Core platform transformation & consolidation changes

Core Platform Transformation and Consolidation has surfaced as a top priority for many Property & Casualty and Life & Annuity carriers. 

Coforges’s experience in Core Platform Modernization and Transformation is an integrated and industry-focused framework and set of services that deliver business outcomes while optimizing costs and providing the latest functions to the business. Including: 

  • Consolidation Strategy, Assessment & Roadmap
  • Core System Implementation Services
  • Core Systems –Transform & Modernization Services 
  • Duck Creek Platform Upgrade Services
  • Quality Beyond QA Services
  • Decommissioning 

Digital Experience+
Digital Experience

Over 50% of insurers are planning on replacing or enhancing their portal capabilities. Where are you in the race to achieving digital efficiency?

Portal technologies enable digital distribution & collaboration with Agent Portals, Broker Portals, and Underwriter Workbench. Coforge’s Insurance Digital Portal services help Insurers achieve the goal of ease of distribution and increasing underwriter efficiency while providing intuitive experiences based on the different user personas and their journeys.

Next-Gen Application Support+
Next-Gen Application Support

70% of global insurance businesses still run on legacy applications, especially mainframe applications. Are you among the organizations dealing with operational inefficiency and high IT costs?

Coforge's mantra of "Intersect with Emerging" paves the way for an innovative solution for application support and maintenance. 

We call it - NextGen ASM.

  • Ready-to-deploy repository of smart and cost-effective accelerators to reduce cost. 
  • Latest RPA and AI-based solutions to accelerate your cost optimization efforts.
  • Optimize knowledge resource and expertise allocation.
  • Reshape IT budgets 

Legacy Relief+
Legacy Relief

Legacy relief for Life & Annuities carriers

Every insurance organization's legacy system pose unique modernization challenges. With 15 years of domain experience, Coforge understands the modernization programs for Life & Annuity carriers. 

To ensure smooth transformation journey, Coforge's Legacy Relief services offer:

  • Innovation programs for insurers of all sizes.
  • A Consolidated Strategy for the transformation journey.
  • Support and engagement at each stage of transformation lifecycle.
  • Help build a customer-focused future-ready insurance landscape.

ONE Insurance+
ONE Insurance

One-insurance:  Bringing it all together

Whether it is to gain a competitive advantage or to enter a new market, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are a strategic growth avenue for any insurance carrier. An inevitable consequence of this inorganic growth is a disproportionate increase in the number of core insurance systems, data, and applications.

Coforge’s One Insurance Offerings is the swiss army knife for insurance carriers in navigating the integration challenges of an aggressive M&A strategy or working seamlessly with a complex web of vendors and services. Be it our seasoned enterprise architects who will help you pick the best integration patterns based on your specific circumstances or our cadre of system professionals with deep expertise covering the full spectrum of market-leading insurance platforms to niche vendor offerings, Coforge’s services will provide you with the crucial edge over your competition.

QE in-a-box+
QE in-a-box

Moving from QA to QE

Customers' expectations in today’s world is not just Quality Assurance, but Quality Engineering which is building quality from the foundation itself.

As an IT services organization provides a complete solution to Quality Engineering across the Insurance Industry sub-domains & platforms. Adopting shift-left practices, Coforge delivers QA-in-a-Box – a complete Quality insurance solution. Right from inception of the program to product support, QA-In-A Box Services provides:

  • Reduction of Cost of Quality to the customer
  • Testing New Product Rollouts and Revisions across all platforms
  • Integrating quality into systems from the inception stage
  • Digital Testing services in the areas of UX, Cloud, Mobile, API, Micro services, Data & Analytics
  • · Testing of Commercial off-the Shelf (COTS) Insurance platforms such as Duck Creek, Wynsure, and other market dominant L&A platforms

Journey to Cloud+
Journey to Cloud

In a world, where technology is becoming an enabler for business growth, Cloud is truly transforming the way carriers can take advantage of as-a-service models to innovate. Cloud, combined with Coforge’s digital portfolio of capabilities, can serve the full spectrum of your business and delivery channels.

Coforge’s Journey to Cloud is an integrated, industry-focused, application and infrastructure enabled set of services that helps Insurers move their businesses swiftly and safely to the cloud. Our solutions integrate  at every stage of the 360-customer lifecycle and accelerate your cloud transformation through robust industry frameworks and proven methodologies across public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.  We provide:

  • Cloud Strategy, Assessment & Roadmap Services
  • Core Systems –Transform & Modernization Services
  • Cloud Transformation & Migration Services
  • Cloud Management & Optimization Services

Compliance & Security+
Compliance & Security

The increased focus on embracing newer client interaction models through digital channels and being nimble to adopt new business models means that strong cybersecurity compliance and discipline is now important more than ever! 

Coforge helps businesses prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle – creating a holistic secure footprint for an ever-evolving digital economy. Our clients benefit from:

  • Integrated compliance and security solutions
  • Cohesive security environment
  • Ready-to-install processes for quick 
  • Real-time preventive and detective response capabilities

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