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At Coforge, we make emerging technologies work toward solving material business challenges for the airline industry. Coforge brings nearly three decades of experience delivering cutting-edge innovation and outstanding value to over 100 travel clients, serving 95% of the world's destinations and fueling 10% of all airline commerce across the globe. Our solutions and services empower over 50 airlines ranging from low cost to full-service carriers, across their commercial, operations, and enterprise systems.​

Coforge helps you gain a competitive edge with our innovative solutions and deep domain knowledge. Some of our successes include:

  • 10+ airline PSS migrations
  • Transforming departure touchpoints and customer self-check-in experience ​​
  • Empowering self-service mobility for a day of travel operations​
  • Enabling real-time interaction management across customer touchpoints​
  • Enabling Intelligent Automation across IROPS, cargo operations, loyalty, queues, flight operations, and back-office operations​​
  • Airline IT estate support in a managed services model​
  • Our MonalisaTM Suite of Revenue Accounting and Fare Audit solutions powers over 30 airlines​

​​Coforge is your long-term strategy and technology partner. Our list of offerings includes advisory services, technology consulting, digital, infrastructure, data analytics, and application services.

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Personalized customer experience

Evolving customer expectations, increased competition, and disruptive technologies are directly impacting the airline business. The airline industry needs to adopt new business models, improve self-service, enhance ancillary sales, and incorporate dynamic pricing. Backed by our wealth of domain experience and technological expertise, we are perfectly poised to help the airline industry enhance its revenue and improve customer experience.

  • Sales and Distribution
  • NDC and One Order
  • Revenue Management
  • Marketing and Loyalty


At the core of airline operations

Airlines provide uninterrupted passenger and cargo services in a timely and secure manner. They have to manage different complexities like disruptions, regulatory constraints, shifting demand, crew planning, and utilization amongst others to ensure uninterrupted operations. We understand the criticality of the airline operations business and provide System Integration services across:​

  • Crew Management
  • Flight Operations
  • Safety and Regulations
  • Airport Operations
  • Departure and Load Control


Innovative solutions to optimize your business for greater efficiency

The airline enterprises are under tremendous pressure to optimize costs, generate efficiencies, and support businesses for new revenue streams. The airline enterprises must focus on streamlining their back-office operations, and automate processes. Coforge transforms your enterprise by leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, ML, blockchain, and automation for continued customer service.​

  • Finance and Payments
  • Revenue Accounting & Fare Audit Services​
  • HR, Payroll and Back Office Systems​
  • Security and Vulnerability​


Smart Airline Solution Suite

MonaLisa is a fully integrated smart airline solution suite, offering end-to-end strategic planning focused on improving revenues and streamlining internal business processes to drive profitability, growth, and compliance with IATA SIS & ACH standards.

It provides comprehensive

  • Passenger Revenue Accounting​
  • Audit Solution – BIDT, Sales, Interline
  • Miscellaneous Billing
  • Revenue Analytics​
  • Route Profitability Analyzer​
  • Flight Operations

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Health Passport – Partnered with APPI+
Health Passport – Partnered with APPI

Playing our part in making travel​ safer

A Digital Health Verification Platform underpinned by Blockchain technology to restart the Travel, Transport & Hospitality businesses.​

The Health Passport is designed to provide a platform between customers and travel organizations, providing a verification platform to facilitate safer travel. Coforge and APPII, introduce a Digital Health Passport that offers:​

  • ID verification platform that works with ID documents from over 170 countries​
  • Flexibility is the range of Health Care verification services​
  • Health status sharing with third-party 

Conversational UI+
Conversational UI

Supercharging omnichannel engagement with passengers

Digital is changing the way travelers interact with brands and companies. While consumers are eager to use technology, experience shows that most digital solutions struggle to provide end to end journey assistance.​

Explore how Artificial Intelligence-and NLP based digital assistants can intervene and convert stressful moments into customer engagement touchpoints - easing traveler worries and boosting sales. 


Contactless Check In+
Contactless Check In

Gesture-enabled contactless Check-in at Kiosks

The pandemic has innately changed the way we interact with each other. In a world of limited human interactions, Coforge offers a safe and innovative solution to enable risk-free travel. Our Zero-Touch  gesture-enabled self-service and virtual health screening kiosks offers:​

  • Completely touchless entry/exit ​
  • To maintain high safety and health standards ​
  • Eliminate user interaction with shared surfaces ​
  • A simple method of communication with gestures 

Social Distancing+
Social Distancing

ThirdEye – AI based passenger flow management

In times of social distancing, keeping staff and customers safe is the top priority for our client airlines. Organizations are turning to technology to quickly comply with new health regulations and safety norms. Coforge introduces its unique AI/ML based video analytics platform – ThirdEye for quick aircraft turnaround.​

ThirdEye offers:

  • Monitoring distance between people from CCTV footage ​
  • Real-time bird eye view of an area ​
  • Send out notifications/alerts ​
  • Generate floor density heat maps ​

Intelligent Automation+
Intelligent Automation

Delivering comprehensive automation services to the airlines industry

With decades of experience, Coforge addresses their challenges across customer experience, turnaround time at airports, building efficiencies in operations, and in-flight tasks.​

Our automation generates savings across the board with:​

  • Cognitive automation – combining AI, predictive analytics, and cognitive computing to accelerate growth​
  • Development automation – improving the agility of IT systems and productivity​
  • Infrastructure automation – cloud-native applications with innovative pricing models​
  • Low-code platforms – help provide faster turnaround times for clients

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PSS Migration+
PSS Migration

Redefining Passenger Service System

Explore how we have helped 10+ airlines transition to new PSS platforms:​

  • An expansive reusable test case repository​
  • System Integration and interface development​
  • Enhancements to your in-house PSS systems​
  • 100+ in-house seasoned experts ​
  • Expertise across Sabre, Amadeus, Navitaire, iFly Res, and Radixx solutions

System Integration+
System Integration

Trusted System Integrator partner for Airline IT Landscape

With decades of experience, Coforge provides the business, industry, and technology know-how to enable the client businesses through the fastest and smoothest System Integration. We offer services across airport products, airline eCommerce platforms, cargo products, online travel agencies, revenue management, loyalty, crew, and kiosks. 

Coforge helps its client improve business agility by offering: 

•   Program Delivery 
•   Custom Development 
•   Integration Services 
•   DevOps 
•   Business Process Engineering 
•   Application Modernization 

Cloud Enablement+
Cloud Enablement

Creating Personalized Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Coforge helps transform airline businesses by enabling IT to be more agile, nimble, and ready to scale with your business. We understand your business and can provide customized solutions, leveraging new technologies, and methodologies for beneficial outcomes. ​

Our solution covers​:

  • Dev Ops and Test Ops tools and culture enablement ​
  • Cloud Scalability ​
  • Cloud Migration ​
  • Cloud Operations ​
  • Continuous Delivery

Application Services+
Application Services

Transform & Modernize your IT Services

Coforge can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise. We help airlines with advanced technologies to modernize and maintain applications allowing faster innovation while reducing risk, time to market, and overall cost of ownership.​

Coforge specializes in transforming organizations by leveraging DevOps, Open Source, Cloud, Microservices architectures, Automation, AI, Blockchain, and Agile models with the objective of “Being Agile” and gaining a competitive advantage. ​

Accelerate your IT value with Coforge's suite of services:​

  • Advanced analytics and data services​
  • End-to-end digital services​
  • Intelligent automation with artificial intelligence​
  • Quality Engineering, Application Management, Architecture as a Service

IT Cost Excellence for Travel Industry +
IT Cost Excellence for Travel Industry 

Cost, Infrastructure, and IT advisory services

Globally, the airline industry is known for its fragile finances, rising costs, and revenue leaks. To create a sustainable future, airlines must adopt major cost reduction efforts with innovative solutions.​ Coforge approaches cost excellence using our proven CostGym framework to:​

  • Evaluate the current state​
  • Identify opportunities and ​
  • Provide business cases ​

At Coforge, our travel technology advisors help you optimize costs using a combination of 4 lenses: efficient staff usage, well defined operating model, technically enabled processes, and simplified infrastructure.

Monalisa – Revenue Accounting+
Monalisa – Revenue Accounting

Smart Airline Solution Suite

A fully integrated smart airline solution suite, MonaLisa helps you address key business challenges of the airline industry. The MonaLisa suite of solutions offers end-to-end strategic planning focused on improving revenues and streamlining internal business processes.​

  • Passenger Revenue Accounting​
  • Audit Solution – BIDT, Sales, Interline​
  • Miscellaneous Billing​
  • Revenue Analytics​
  • Route Profitability Analyzer​
  • Flight Operations

Airline Support Centre+
Airline Support Centre

Entrust your IT & Operations with Coforge while restarting flights

Holistic IT & Operations enabling airlines to get back to flying seamlessly with optimum costs. Coforge can help you, being part of your team across:​

  • Commercial
  • Operations and Enterprise
  • IT management
  • Consulting and Transformation

Why Coforge

Partnerships for long-term growth

  • Flexible and responsive, Coforge builds long-standing partnerships with its clients​
  • Bringing  and co-creating unique propositions to digitally transform your customer experience​
  • Unique SI expertise across Airline PSS, cargo, loyalty, revenue management, crew operations, departure touchpoints, and eCommerce​
  • Our IP Monalisa provides revenue accounting and fare audit services for over 30 airlines​
  • Delivering excellent client service with innovative commercial models​
  • Partner of choice to streamline, automate and innovate airline business processes ​
  • Partnership ecosystem in the area of Infrastructure Management & Cloud Enablement, IROPS handling, and Ground Operations ​Proven expertise across Sabre, Amadeus, Navitaire, Travelport, Switchfly, and other Airline product suite​
  • Exclusive partners for the SITA PSS program​
  • Over 40+ seasoned industry specialists, IT teams, and advisors working round-the-clock to build custom solutions for the industry​



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