Airline Operations

Operations are at the heart of the Airlines business. Airlines provide uninterrupted passenger and cargo services in a timely and secure manner. They have to manage different complexities like disruptions, regulatory constraints, shifting demand, crew planning and utilization amongst others to ensure operations are not impacted. We understand the importance of operations and their impact on the Airline business. With our strong expertise in implementing industry-leading airline solutions working for over two decades, we can help the carriers provide seamless operations.

  • Implementation experience with over 100 products in more than 50 airlines across the world
  • Model Based Testing solution for crew management
  • Operational Analytics and Dashboards with Airline KPIs
  • Enterprise Mobility solutions to enable the digital workforce
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Extensive experience with more than 35 clients
  • Different engagement models and flexibility to own the operations
  • Managing the revenue accounting of one of the leading and most profitable airlines in Europe with over 100 million passengers
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