Digital Travel Concierge

Airlines have the opportunity to provide their customers with a seamless experience by incorporating hyper-personalization and hyper-contextualization using an omni-channel approach – web, mobile, kiosk, call-center agents and voice. Self – Service can be incorporated more effectively using the mobile channel with the help of chatbots and digital travel assistants. Coforge’ DTC is a scalable mobile-based framework that can be used as a standalone application and can also be added to a pre-existing mobile application. It will enable your passengers to check in and generate boarding passes, make reservations, get information on flights, locate a security gate and get travel ideas based on their profiles, besides booking hotel and concierge services. Digital Travel concierge will win your travellers’ heart by converting stress creating touchpoints into ‘feel special’ moments.




Airline Operations
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  • Extensive experience with 35+ clients
  • Different engagement models and flexibility to own operations
  • Managing the revenue accounting of one of the leading and most profitable airline europe with over 100 Mn passengers
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