Airports and Cargo Ground Handlers alike are being impacted by digitization, changing customer expectations and disruptive technologies. Airports and Cargo Ground Handlers have to focus on business transformation, modernization, and transparency to drive increased efficiency, safety, and security. With over two decades of experience in empowering the cargo business, we can help increase efficiency, reduce mishandling, and grow revenues.

We have implemented cargo applications across 8 continents in over 17 cargo terminals and continue to support these applications. We understand and work across multiple business areas covering:

  • Flight Management
  • AWB Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Export
  • Import
  • Transshipment
  • ULD Management
  • Customs.


We are focused on innovation, new technologies like voice, sensors (ibeacons for proximity), image recognition, automation, and mobility to ensure increased efficiency and productivity.

Innovation and Automation

  • Automatic storage identification: auto-allocate cargo to recommended location
  • Automatic truck control system: auto-allocation of truck dock based on priority and availability
  • Document management system: physical document archival and cataloging in the system
  • Automatic movement management: fork lift movement within warehouse, ULD/pallet transfer between warehouse, material handling system interaction handling

Interaction Handling

  • Automation of claims and service requests: claims incident capture in hand-held terminals and desktops, proactive service request creation
  • Dashboards, management reports: Real-time performance tracking and monitoring, SLA performance reports
  • Intelligent automation through RPA: Automated FWB processing


  • Encompassing different processes such as import, ramp check-in, ramp handover, export loading, export acceptance, export release, export offload check-in, export transit mail operations Enabling automation and reduced paperwork
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Enabled cargo ground handling across 8 countries in over 17 Cargo Terminals
  • Handled over 10,000+ AWB transactions /day, 400+ flights/day, 600 concurrent users and an average 100,000 EDI messages / day
  • Helped increase the cargo handling capacity by 50% at one of the world's largest cargo handling terminals
  • Reduced the transshipment handling time by over 37%
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