Transforming the Gaming and Hospitality IT Services​

Contactless guest experience, customer self-service, and evolving Guest Loyalty are driving the hotel industry toward a paradigm shift to modernize their IT systems and integrate seamlessly to drive decisions.​

Coforge has been providing solutions for the Gaming & Hospitality enterprises for over a decade. Our consultative approach integrates multiple, complex systems across the hospitality and gaming domain. With our deep domain expertise, Coforge makes use of emerging technologies to deliver a personalized experience across customer journey while streamlining operations.​​

Coforge brings in a unique mix of domain knowledge, customer focus, and technology mindset to address industry challenges and opportunities for hospitality and gaming clients. Our expertise and experience span across:

  • Guest Experience and Service​
  • Gaming & Hospitality Systems​
  • Marketing & Loyalty​
  • Finance, Procurement, and Back Office​
  • Property Management​
  • Enterprise System Integration​
  • Networks and Infrastructure Management​
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Management​
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Casino Entertainment+
Casino Entertainment

NextGen casino management and gaming technology solutions

A casino is more than just a gaming destination. Take charge of your properties and grow revenue opportunities with efficient casino entertainment management. Coforge uses a consultative approach to modernize and integrate multiple, complex gaming/hospitality systems across guest entertainment, food & beverage and retail systems to provide:

  • Seamless IT support for IT infrastructure
  • Automation solutions across booking, audits and sales
  • Intelligent casino management systems

Hospitality IT+
Hospitality IT

Enhancing guest experiences with IT operations

Evolving technology, changing customer needs, and increasing competition is forcing the hospitality industry to increase enterprise mobility and reengineer business operations. Coforge, with its expertise in the hospitality industry, helps its clients leverage emerging technologies to:

  • Introduce new features to existing systems
  • Significantly improve key business KPIs
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Enable unique guest experiences

Marketing and Loyalty+
Marketing and Loyalty

Boosting customer loyalty with creative initiatives

With the expanding hospitality industry, gaining customer loyalty requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs and wants. Coforge helps you stay ahead of the competitions by: :

  • Driving guest acquisition through conversion using contextual marketing campaigns
  • Incentivizing guests through world-class loyalty programs
  • Using actionable insights for high-performance teams

Back Office and Finance+
Back Office and Finance

Transforming back office to drive growth

Hotel management companies have spent over a decade digitizing their customer-facing interfaces. But with high costs, increasing capital investments, and security concerns, companies must optimize their back-office and finance systems. Coforge offers customized solutions to digitally transform back-office by:

  • Automating back office operations through RPA/AI
  • Streamline operations to manage properties efficiently
  • Improve workforce efficiency with real-time data

Contact Center+
Contact Center

Powering omnichannel BPS experiences

The hospitality industry is innovating rapidly to meet customer needs for the new normal. For an ‘always on’ industry, contact centers play a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business performance. Coforge adopts an omnichannel approach to: :

  • Seamlessly managing client interactions
  • Drive ancillary revenues
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention through hospitality BPO services

Operations +

Building a robust operations ecosystem

Coforge offers integrated operations and resource management solutions for critical hospitality functions such as sales, front desk & check-in, food and beverages, restaurants, banquets, room departments, gaming floor, etc. Leveraging our proprietary TESS RPA delivery framework, our solutions :

  • Reduce costs across functions such as booking, housekeeping, employee leave management, etc.
  • Improve accuracy within the processes
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Reduce turn around time

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Transforming Customer Self Check-in Experience at Airports for IAG+
Transforming Customer Self Check-in Experience at Airports for IAG

Delivering a smooth guest experience

Coforge can help implement complex microservices APIs, event-driven architecture, and a cloud-first approach for the Gaming & Hospitality industry delivering: ​

  • Improved guest experience
  • Increased efficiency of hospitality operations
  • Reduced infrastructure costs ​
  • Applications built for high availability and resilience ​
  • Agility, and scalability with faster time to market

Social Distancing+
Social Distancing

ThirdEye – AI based Monitoring 'Social Distancing' and Queue Management​

In times of social distancing, keeping staff and customers safe is the top priority for our Gaming & Hospitality clients. Organizations are turning to technology to quickly comply with new health regulations and safety norms. Coforge introduces its unique AI/ML based video analytics platform –

ThirdEye offering:

  • Monitoring distance between people from CCTV footage ​
  • Real-time bird eye view of an area ​
  • Send out notifications/alerts
  • Generate floor density heat maps

Contactless Check In+
Contactless Check In

Gesture-enabled contactless check-in at the kiosk

The pandemic has innately changed the way we interact with each other. In a world of limited human interactions, Coforge offers a safe and innovative solution to enable risk-free contact-less interactions with:​

  • Machine learning-based model ​
  • Video analytics and mobile-enabled touch-less Interaction​
  • Gesture-enabled contactless guest experience at Kiosks


Enhancing hospitality Experiences

The Gaming & Hospitality industry stores and processes a lot of sensitive customer data, including names, addresses, and credit card details. With the rising cyber threats, the industry reports one of the highest numbers of security breaches. 

Coforge enhances hospitality experiences with next-gen identity verification and cybersecurity offerings across: 

  • Infrastructure and Cloud Security 
  • Threat Intelligence 
  • Risk Management 

Innovation Lab As A Service+
Innovation Lab As A Service

Enabling digital innovation with plug & play digital assets

From kaizens to transformation to building a culture of innovation –Coforge ‘s Innovation lab-as-a-service is your answer to digital innovation. Leveraging our engineering platform, Digital Foundry, we offer a range of plug-and-play digital assets for fast engineering. Our studio lab offerings include:

  • DX Studio
  • Integration Studio
  • Cognitive Studio 
  • Cloud Studio
  • Quality Engineering
  • Blockchain Studio 

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Infrastructure Management+
Infrastructure Management

Enabling innovative guest experiences

In a world of hyper-personalized travels and technology-led guest experiences, where does your organization begin its digital journey? 

With its domain expertise and emerging technologies know-how, Coforge is the ideal partner of choice for your digital transformation journey. Coforge provides solutions across your IT landscape, enabling:

  • Rapid development
  • Integrated IMS/AMS with business-aligned KPI's
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure management

Digital Sales and Servicing+
Digital Sales and Servicing

Transforming the landscape to support customer growth through SI

For the new-age guest, positive customer interactions are defined by personalization and seamless services across channels.​

Coforge helps you provide such an omnichannel experience with its suite of Emotionally, Empathetic Experience’ offerings:​

  • Digital commerce enablement​
  • End-to-end customer relationship management, including
    • Social Media Management ​
    • User Management ​
    • Guest Profile Management  

Process Automation+
Process Automation

Creating a personalized multi-cloud ecosystem

Automation technology is significantly changing the hospitality & gaming industry. From desktop bots to digital workforces –  the industry is geared for delivering engaging, highly personalized customer experiences.​

Coforge process automation solutions help you deliver a seamless digital journey for customers along with:​

  • Reducing costs across functions such as booking, housekeeping, employee leave management, etc. ​
  • Improving accuracy within the processes ​
  • Reducing manual intervention  ​
  • Reducing turnaround time ​
  • Improving the availability of systems 

IT Transformation +
IT Transformation

Digital transformation for productivity and efficiency

With millions of guests moving around the world every day, how does the hospitality industry manage its data?​

Many hospitality companies are still in the early stages of leveraging advanced data analytics capabilities for their business operations.​

Coforge helps you to leverage your data by enabling:​

  • Full-spectrum AI implementations with standardized processes, tools, skillsets, and partner ecosystem​
  • Personalized experiences with the re-engineering of processes​
  • The right use of data with emerging technologies of machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, etc.

System Integration+
System Integration

Optimized application portfolio for customer needs

The hospitality & gaming industry is a leader in digital innovation and adopting technology-led solutions for enhancing business operations. But to maximize the benefits of its digital infrastructure, all systems must work cohesively together.​

Driven by technology, Coforge offers more integrations between guest service technology, including:​

  • Full lifecycle API management​
  • Integration & user experience testing ​
  • Integration of multiple modules of the hotel management system

Contactless Guest Experience+
Contactless Guest Experience

Enabling the new normal and creating special customer experiences

The pandemic has innately changed the way guests interact across hospitality & gaming channels.  To gear up for the new normal, the industry must adopt technology-led solutions. ​

Coforge creates unique customer experiences for the new normal by helping the hospitality and gaming industry:​

  • Restart operations​
  • Enhance contact center services​
  • Power self-service guest experience​
  • Enable workforce collaboration amid social distancing

Why Coforge

Futuristic guest experiences and automation-led efficiencies


  • Flexible and responsive, coforge builds long-standing partnerships with its clients
  • Create unique propositions to digitally transform your guest experience​
  • Unique System Integration expertise across Hotel Management, Loyalty, Revenue Management, staff, and operations systems​
  • Delivering excellent client service with innovative commercial models​ and investments
  • Partnership ecosystem in the area of infrastructure management & cloud enablement
  • Intelligent Automation driving efficiencies and generating savings for your enterprise

Casino properties managed


Partner with world's top 3 cruise companies


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