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For the modern hospitality industry, guest experience is driven by personalization and seamlessness of service across touch points. Emerging technologies such as AI, chatbots, IoT etc. are enabling the industry to get a deeper understanding of the needs of their guests and provide services that are a perfect fit.

Coforge suite of ‘Emotionally, Empathetic Experience’ offerings enables hotels to provide their guests a hyper-personalized experience at every customer touch point thus bringing in a positive business impact along with improved brand perception.

Coforge focusses on both digital & emerging technologies to deliver an Emotionally Empathetic Experience. The areas we focus on include:-

  • Digital commerce enablement through development & integration of Websites & Mobile applications
  • CRM - customer experience management consisting of loyalty, campaign management, complaint management, social media management and feedback management
    • Social Media Management - Manage social communications with guests and track guest’s social media handles for Facebook, Twitter etc.
    • User Management - Customer Insight, persona mapped to Customer Journey
    • Guest Profile Management- Manage & Track Guest preferences, manage guest profiles
  • Digital Integration of hotel management systems along with rapid onboarding of partners to increase revenue
    • Architecture Definition and Consulting
    • API/Microservices Integration
    • Enterprise SOA/Service Platform

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  • Enabled the clients to improve revenues by 2-5%
  • Enabled the clients to increase RevPAR by 3-5%
  • Improved Ancillary revenues by 5%
  • Expertise in handling around 5 billion experiences per year
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