NDC Enablement

The way the world searches, plans, and buys travel products online is continuously changing as digital technologies and a changing travel commercial environment spur product innovation. New Distribution Capability and One Order are key in this changing landscape. NDC enables the distribution of rich content and also has the ability to personalize the content based on the user profile, thus catering to the overall travel sector need to offer personalized services to end consumers. One Order enables more efficient order management and fulfilment. With our strong expertise in NDC and One Order, we help travel distribution companies provide personalised services to their customers.

Currently the challenge faced by Travel Distribution companies (OTA, TMC, Travel Agents) using GDS for indirect bookings is that there is no provision for personalisation and customisation of products and ancillary services. The indirect booking channel is less flexible when it comes to booking, ticketing, delivery and accounting. NDC and One Order have the potential to streamline workflow, making booking, order management and fulfilment more efficient, customised and personalized. In order to enable NDC and One Order functionality Travel Distribution companies will have to incorporate changes in their front end, back end and business layer services.

Key Features
  • Personalized Shopping Experience along with Rich Content
  • Product Differentiation along with a broader range of products and services
  • Improved Ancillary Offering
  • Single Customer Order record - enabling easier Order Management, Fulfiment and Accounting

We provide Consulting, Development and Testing Services for NDC and One Order.

Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Multiple NDC implementations, development for travel customers
  • Early participant in NDC initiative having considerable knowledge NDC schemas and processes and its impact on legacy PSS
  • Multiple business solution architects trained on NDC initiative
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