Reinventing the Transports and Logistics Business with Cutting-Edge Technology

Disruptive technologies have changed how the transportation and logistics industry operates. Enterprises are reinventing themselves to compete in the changing marketplace. ​Coforge manages IT for some of the world’s leading airline and freight rail companies. Our expertise extends across customer, commercial, operations, cargo, and back-office functions. ​

Coforge has helped large travel technology enterprises architect their IT landscape, transform their business, and consolidate their IT. Our bespoke customer services include:​

  • Managing operations and passenger flows ​
  • Co-creating unique propositions to digitally transform the customer experience​
  • Combining domain excellence and a partner ecosystem to facilitate rapid digital transformation  ​
  • Unique system integrator capabilities in complex businesses that include cargo, operations, revenue management, crew operations, and e-commerce
Savings Generated
Transportation Applications Managed
Cargo Systems
IT Modernization and Digital Transformations
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Dynamic Optimization Models for Superior CX​

Utilize dynamic optimization models and solutions to meet service level agreements and enhance customer experience.​

  • Automation of routine processes to provide operation insights ​
  • Data center migration​ 
  • Cloud estate management, optimization, and modernization​
  • Application development and support​​
  • Stations' Ops management and support​


Business Success Powered by Digital​​

Enhance customer experience and improve operations through intelligent automation and digital transformation ​

  • Cost and security optimization, synthetic monitoring ​
  • End-to-end digital journey​
  • Mainframe modernization and migration​
  • Robotic process automation (automating repetitive standardized processes)​​​
  • Core dynamic optimization​

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Contact Center Backoffice Management +
Contact Center Backoffice Management

Automate processes to save time and improve efficiency

Digital Internet of Things+
Digital Internet of Things

Agile Distributed Module

Enterprise Mobility+
Enterprise Mobility

Delivering Value in Information Accumulation

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Digital Workforce +
Digital Workforce

Digitally Powered Work Spaces 

Creating a digitally equipped workforce to enhance productivity and efficiency.​

Coforge has helped surface transport companies implement digitized solutions:​

  • Eliminating manual intervention ​
  • Reducing carbon footprint with paper-less processes

IT Transformation+
IT Transformation

Powering Business Agility

Creating business agility and cost optimization through IT transformation.​

​Coforge enables efficient management of transport IT systems and infrastructure delivering performance and cost savings.​

Coforge's area of focus include:​

  • Integrated IMS/AMS with business-aligned KPI's​
  • Infrastructure Transformation – Enabling scalability, migration, operations, continuous delivery​
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization​
  • Rapid Development with our proprietary  ‘DONE-Release at Will’ framework

Cloud Transformation For Eurostar+
Cloud Transformation For Eurostar

Enhancing Customer Experience with Emerging Technologies

Enabling cloud migration to power rapid digital transformation.​

Coforge delivers  digital transformation solutions that :​

  • Lower TCO in IT infrastructure​
  • Enable speedier migration​
  • Provide a flexible infrastructure to scale up or down based on business needs

Zero Touch+
Zero Touch

Enterprise Asset Management

Powering smooth and user-friendly automation solutions to configure end-user devices swiftly.

Coforge Zero Touch solution provides:

  • Workflow automation that save time
  • Mitigated risks with the elimination of human intervention
  • Transparent process across workflows

Infrastructure Tools Ecosystem Transformation+
Infrastructure Tools Ecosystem Transformation

Technology Powered Automated Systems
Managing the sanity and hygiene of IT infrastructure with auto-healing systems for monitoring.

Coforge provides a package of tool system to deliver future-ready systems. These tools enable:

  • Robust monitoring and auto-heal capabilities
  • Better uptime and infrastructure hygiene
  • Infrastructure  ecosystem transformation

Mainframe Modernization and Migration+
Mainframe Modernization and Migration

Powering Seamless Migrations 

Realizing cost reduction through core legacy modernization with cloud migration.

Coforge re-architects the mainframe to:

  • Reduce cost with cost-effective cloud infrastructure
  • Run in a highly available mode with no downtime
  • Proactively monitor the system

Real Time support and Help Desk Services+
Real Time support and Help Desk Services

Logistics Support 24x7x52  

Delivering L1 to L3 SME support 24x7x52 for superior response and client SLA across multiple domains, core businesses, and operation functions.

Why Coforge

Coforge comes with decades of leadership in Managed Service and System Integration (MS/SI), innovative commercial models, and long-standing partnerships. With core competence in transportation and logistics, Coforge caters to the business requirements of several large players. Our mission is to provide :

  • Customer-centric development approach
  • Customer’s customer focus - should be customer focus
  • 24x7 flexibility and responsiveness
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