Delivering Class-Leading Travel Tech Transformation Services

Today, travel technology companies are facing aggressive competition, increasing customer demands, and adapting to change from a constantly changing business environment. Coforge with its decades of experience in the sector helps customers in the rapid transformation of development lifecycle methodologies, infrastructure, culture, and architecture to realize astounding ROI. Our key business offerings include:   ​​

  • PSO Partnership with Google for modernization programs   ​
  • Legacy modernization and NGP stack   ​
  • System integration services   ​
  • End-to-end delivery services     ​
  • Development partner for new products and features   ​
  • QE Accelerators for PSS migration and testing   ​
  • Intelligent automation using RPA, AI/ML   
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Digital Services+
Digital Services

Digital technology solutions have transformed the world and increased customer expectations

We partner with you in building a robust Digital Backbone, Intelligent Operations and an intelligent Connected Experience for your end customers.

We are beyond digital and our services stack enables businesses to strategize, build and leverage emerging technologies to create market-ready solutions with radical benefits. Our services include

  • Digital Experience
  • Digital Advisory
  • Digital Innovation
  • Automation
  • Quality Engineering

Data and Analytics+
Data and Analytics

Data driven Insights

Consolidation of travel transaction data from legacy platforms to Cloud for North America’s largest GDS provider to realize cost-effective data management and  faster data access for airlines and travel agencies.​

Coforge offers deep insights into your operations and workflows with:​

  • AI powered automations
  • Cognitive
  • Architecture frameworks and solutions

Intelligent Automation+
Intelligent Automation

Smart technology operations

Delivering Business Value and Competitive Advantage through AI and Automation.

Coforge injects intuitive workflows and real-time capabilities to deliver next-gen self-healing systems.

Automate end to end business processes and business decision making ability to forge ahead of competition.

Application Services+
Application Services

Business aligned IT services for creating business advantage

Digitalization is at the center of all airline operations today. But is your digital ecosystem optimized for today's connected world?

Coforge specializes in transforming organizations by leveraging DevOps, Open Source, Cloud, Microservices architectures, Automation, AI, Blockchain, and Agile models with the objective of 'Being Agile' and gaining a competitive advantage.

Accelerate your IT value with Coforge's suite of services:

  • Advanced analytics and data services
  • End-to-end digital services
  • Intelligent automation with artificial intelligence
  • Quality Engineering, Application Management, Architecture as a Service

PSS Services+
PSS Services

Features enhancement, modernization, and integration with one GDS

Delivering SOA-based interfaces, data migration strategies, and PPS migration testing services for multiple airlines across the globe.

  • An expansive reusable test case repository
  • System Integration and interface development
  • Enhancements to your in-house PSS systems
  • 100+ in-house seasoned experts

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Sabre Intelligence Exchange+
Sabre Intelligence Exchange

Need-based Offerings

In times of a disaster, it is often the aviation sector that helps provide relief. For airports, continuing operations in times of a disaster are crucial.  Coforge helps you ensure business continuity in times of a disaster: 

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery plan
  • Build the right infrastructure to always maintain business continuity. 
  • Leverage our award-winning innovations  

ThirdEye – AI Based Computer Vision System+
ThirdEye – AI Based Computer Vision System

Optimizing Airport Operations

Optimizing airline operations with digital automation and real-time analytics on Sabre IX for increased efficiency and better customer experience.

Coforge solutions enable:

  • Reduced time-to-market of new business features and initiatives
  • Real-time automation of business processes
  • Enhanced customer experience

Cognitive Tech+
Cognitive Tech

ThirdEye – AI-Based Computer Vision System​

In times of social distancing, keeping staff and customers safe is the top priority for our client airlines. Organizations are turning to technology to quickly comply with new health regulations and safety norms. Coforge introduces its unique AI platform – ThirdEye, video analytics, and machine learning-enabled airline operations for quick aircraft turnaround.  ​

ThirdEye offers:  ​

  • Monitoring distance between people from CCTV footage  ​
  • Real-time bird eye view of an area  ​
  • Send out notifications/alerts  ​
  • Generate floor density heat maps  ​



Delivering Next-Generation Digital Interactions​

The pandemic has innately changed the way we interact with each other. In a world of limited human interactions, Coforge offers a safe and innovative solution to enable risk-free travel. Adopting a machine learning-based model, Coforge offers zero-touch gesture-enabled self-service and virtual health screening across airport kiosks.  ​

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PSS Migration+
PSS Migration

Quick and Seamless Migrations​

Coforge’s extensive experience in PSS systems like Sabre, SITA, Amadeus, Datalex, and Openjaw helps customers in making successful PSS migrations while ensuring operational stability at all times.   ​

Explore how we have helped 10+ airlines transition to new PSS platforms with:​

  • An expansive reusable test case repository​
  • System Integration and interface development​
  • Enhancements to your in-house PSS systems ​
  • 100+ in-house seasoned experts ​
  • Expertise across Sabre, Amadeus, Navitaire, iFly Res, and Radixx solutions ​

Legacy Modernization+
Legacy Modernization

Combining the New and the Old​

Successful delivery of large migration programs from a legacy platform to open system as well as new-gen platforms. 

Product Engineering Consulting+
Product Engineering Consulting

Expertise Driven Development​

Complete re-engineering of legacy passenger services system for the development of an open system-based product. The exercise includes developing new agent's booking engines and the development of new features for eCommerce systems, PSS, revenue accounting, baggage handling, and so much more. ​

Product Delivery and Support+
Product Delivery and Support

Real-Time Support anywhere, any time​

To help their customers gain a competitive advantage, Coforge offers its customers, implementation, system integration, training, customization, and support for multiple airlines, airports, railways, and GDS products.

Cloud Services+
Cloud Services

Ensuring Successful Business Journeys​

Coforge, with its suite of services, helps customers to manage IT infrastructure based on shared services model and DevOps assessment methodologies for on-premise as well as Cloud.    ​

Attain new heights of business performance with Coforge's cloud-based application transformation offering: ​

  • Reduced time-to-market ​
  • Enhanced end-user experience ​
  • Generation of new revenue streams ​

IT Ops Automation+
IT Ops Automation

AI-enabled IT Operations​

With cognitive automation solutions, Coforge helps customers make quicker decisions to predict and prevent problems. ​

Intelligent Automation+
Intelligent Automation

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Automation​

With the help of intelligent automation systems, Coforge has built BOTs on top of many systems including Sabre and Amadeus that can be quickly deployed/customized as per customers’ needs. Coforge’s Automation as a Service model allows for extremely cost-effective deployment. ​

Why Coforge

With a rich and in-depth experience gained over the years, Coforge is the partner of choice for leading travel technology providers with flexible development approaches, innovative commercial models, and unique SI expertise for several functions. Some of the offerings provided include:

  • Integration capabilities by developing SOA for integration and utilizing partner eco system
  • Driving digital transformation for superior customer experience
  • Consulting services for Sabre, SITA, SwitchFly, and other airline product suite
  • Wide partner network for infrastructure management, cloud enablement, IROPS handling, and ground operations
  • Expertise in delivering BPM solution through our partners Pega, Appian, and Microsoft
  • Skilled workforce with expertise in domain and technology

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Years of relationship with SITA

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