Monetized Data

The airline business is evolving continuously and customer expereince and disruptive technology are now at the forefront of this change. Airlines have multiple IT systems which lead to multiple disparate data. The Challenge that airlines face is how to manage the multitude of data present with them efficiently in order to get better customer insights which can lead to more monetising moments through personalisation and contextualisation. Coforge Technolgoies with its extensive domain expertise along with its Analytics expertise can enable Airlines to better manage, modernise and monetise their data.

We focus on three important pillars to enable Airlines get a Single Unified View of the customer, derived from multiple data sources.

  • Manage - Enterprise Data Management, Data Integration and Managed Services
  • Modernise - Data Lakes, Analytics and Virtualisation
  • Monetize - Visualization and Insights

The Single Customer View in turn enables the Airlines to derive concrete customer insights across the customer journey. The customer insights enable segmentation, contextualisation and personalisation and these can then be turned into monetising moments - improved campaign management , better ancillary sales across multiple channels like web/mobile/contact center and improved customer loyalty.

Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Personalised Campaign Management
  • Single version of truth for key business elements – Data Reconciliation
  • Airlines Business KPI Dashboards
  • improved Data Quality
  • Predictive Analytics for personalised digital expereince
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