Sales & Service

Thanks to the rapidly evolving digital environment, passengers expect easier and customised interactions at every touch point of their journey. Thus, it is pertinent for the surface transport industry to adopt digital models and improve the access to direct sales & service, lower the distributions costs, incorporate dynamic pricing, better manage inventory and enable multiple ticketing channels. Coforge has extensive experience in digitalizing the processes of our surface transport clients through innovative solutions and providing the end users with enhanced experiences.

Coforge has been instrumental in enabling our Surface Transport clients to embrace and implement latest digital solutions across the Sales and Service value chain for over a decade now. Our industry specific solutions help provide easily accessible services to the end users while optimizing operational costs. Our fferings are around the following:

  • Digital Commerce –
    • Enabling channel shifts and providing omni-channel experiences through mobiles, tablets, kiosks, voice, websites
    • Cloud enablement through robust agile and automation practices to help scale business
  • Creating a 'Door Finder' app using AI/ML to enable partially blind passengers to locate nearest train door
  • Enabling disruptive management by online fleet tracking (cars and trains) and seamless and wireless information synchronizing.
  • CRM - complaint management, call center management, customer expereince management while identifying scope of automated processes, disruption management and feedback management
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Enabled channel shift in online bookings by 400%, thus, substantially reducing help desk costs for a Global leader in chauffeured services
  • Implemented ticket vending kiosks for the ICT provider to Europe’s largest rail operator
  • Enabled an American transportation major to become one of the first company among its rivals that provides multiple interfaces and channels for order booking and order reporting
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