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Digital Technologies are redefining and revamping the Surface Transportation Industry. Enabling passengers to be able to connect through multiple digital channels while providing a seamless journey throughout is quintessential to business growth. Coforge' enables the Surface Transportation Industry to provide its customers with an ‘Emotionally, Empathetic Experience’ by using an Omni-channel approach – web, mobile, tablets and kiosks. We also provide innovative solutions for the differnetly abled passengers using our artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions.

To cater to the dynamic, digital consumer, Coforge focusses on both digital & emerging technologies to deliver superior customer experience. Our solution suite includes-

  • Digital commerce - Web, Mobile, Tablets, Kiosks with Multi platform support
    • UX/UI conceptualization and development - Creating responsive feature rich website with multi browser support
    • Content management
  • Real Time Interaction Management
    • Customer Insight, persona mapped to Customer Journey
    • AI/ML enabled solutions
  • CRM - customer experience management consisting of campaign management, complaint management, disruption management, and feedback management
  • Digital Integration
    • Architecture Definition and Consulting
    • Architect and develop APIs and integrate with GDS and aggregators enabling client to distribute the inventory through new B2B partners
    • Implementation allowing travel agents to book our client’s services from their Sabre Red Workspace and add the ground segment to an existing Air Segment PNR or a new PNR.
    • Enterprise SOA/Service Platform




Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Enabled channel shift in online bookings by 400%, thus, substantially reducing help desk costs for a Global leader in chauffeured services
  • Helped market and sell the client's services to more than 425,000 travel agents across 6 continents
  • Creating a 'Door Finder' app using AI/ML to enable partially blind passengers to locate nearest train door
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