A new age of intelligent insurance, for a new breed of smart insurer

For many insurance providers, business in the current climate is a constant battle with complex processes, outdated legacy systems, inefficient working, ever-tightening legislation, a new breed of uber-demanding customers and an influx of agile, digital-born competitors.

But the smart providers are turning to partners who are not only knowledgeable about the sector, but have proven expertise in transformation through emerging technologies. Turn to Coforge, and we’ll help you streamline your systems for a better user, and customer experience; improve your agility to react to, even anticipate, customer, and market demands; increase efficiencies, and ensure regulatory compliance. Leaving you to focus on delivering innovation, value, and growth.

Unique solutions to your unique challenges

Two decades of experience and deep domain expertise within the insurance sector means Coforge is uniquely positioned to gain a rapid understanding of your business, and help you address your specific challenges through technology.

Here’s how we help drive transformation and growth across your insurance business.


Mergers and acquisitions over the years require consolidation of multiple and duplicate systems. Add to that a host of ageing, inefficient legacy systems and the resulting complexity leaves your technology unfit for purpose in today’s business climate.

Coforge has extensive experience in migrating multiple PAS systems to one single system, simplifying complexity, reducing costs, improving agility, and time to market, and enabling organizations to focus on new, reprioritized objectives.

For policy administration, we’re at the heart of Duck Creek platform implementations—providing end-to-end execution models, cost-efficient on-demand resourcing, best practices, productivity tools, and knowledge management.


Many business processes within insurance organizations are time-consuming and labor-intensive, yet business-critical. And in order to meet the ever-higher demands of both customers and legislation, they need to be performed rigorously

Intelligent automation and cognitive computing enable greater speed, improved accuracy, smarter remediation, better decision-making, faster customer response, better outcome prediction, and reduced costs.

With the likes of AI-based digital business assistants, deep learning, machine learning, multi-channel experience, RPA, NLP, and workflow automation, you can anticipate needs, provide a streamlined and consistent customer experience, and create efficiencies.


Today’s fast-moving environment means you need more visibility of your business, your customers and your market than ever before. To help you facilitate growth, we focus on building relevant growth accelerators, such as dedicated agent and broker experience platforms, cognitive based solutions and predictive analytics

Our solutions help you manage information flow to enable a better, faster, more personalized experience for customers and better, faster decision-making and prioritization for the business.

Free to prioritize growth, our innovation tools and technologies, including Application Development, Application Maintenance, Testing and Migrations help you develop a future-facing business, ready to respond to and anticipate what comes next.


Heavy and ever-tightening regulation can be a serious risk to the competitiveness of a business. If you’re not compliant you can face serious consequence, yet, while struggling to stay abreast of legislation requirements, you can lose focus from your customers and from business development

However, these risks also provide opportunities for growth in that the best-prepared companies will be the ones that manage their vulnerabilities and can gain the advantage over their opposition by focussing on customers, innovation, value, and growth.

Coforge can provide custom-tailored solutions that ensure 100% compliance, leaving you free to focus on the future.

Coforge: Transformation Leader in Insurance

The fast-changing Insurance sector calls for innovation partners who understand your business, provide customized solutions, and leverage new technologies, and methodologies for the benefit of your business and its customers.

With 20 years of experience delivering up-to-the-minute, robust solutions, platforms and applications, we create business value through technology for three of the top 10 life carriers and two of the top 10 annuity carriers, as well as over 30 of the top P&C carriers.

We’re not only renowned for our expertise, but for our highly personal approach. Every customer is different and every challenge is unique, but we apply the same rigor to every partnership and every project. Together we’ll help you leverage emerging technologies to create a smarter, more agile, thriving business that delivers exceptional experiences, and innovative new revenue opportunities, seamlessly and profitably.

Conferred with Partner of the Year for Quality by Aflac, Leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in US and leading provider of medical and cancer insurance and insures 1 in 4 households in Japan.


“Recognized as the only ‘Star Performer’ amongst ‘Major Contenders’ on the 2018 Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ Insurance Application Services”

Our offering. Your solution.

Below are some of the specialist services and state-of-the-art solutions through which Coforge helps you deliver next generation personalized experiences and drive business growth. Engage with the emerging and deliver innovation, differentiation, automation, and value. Engage with Coforge.

Property and Casualty

Helping P&C players modernize business models, streamline processes and cut costs with:

Duck Creek Technologies

Certified delivery partner for upgrade and full suite.

Digital Services

Improving experiences with intelligent automation.

Digital Process Transformation

Pega based workflow and BPM.

Enterprise integration

Experts in microservices, API integration.

Case Study : Smooth DCT Implementation for a Top US P&C carrier

Coforge implemented Duck Creek PAS platform and achieved:

Increased savings – via right-time deployment of right-skilled resources.

More reliability – On-schedule new business delivery for both personal and commercial, and renewal business for personal lines.

Improved productivity - Continuous internal training boosted employee productivity levels.

Life, Annuities, Retirement and Supplemental

Effecting digital transformation in the L&A space, while ensuring compliance and improved experiences:

Core business administration

Most modern and legacy applications and platforms in use by this industry globally.

Conversion Factory

Migrating to modern platforms.

Platform Expertise

Renowned for our legacy and modern platform expertise.

Case Study : Consolidating Multiple PAS Systems for a Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

Coforge helped the client consolidate six (legacy/non legacy) systems into a single PAS application and converted over 5 million policies on deadline. The result:

More Efficiency - 40% increase in application performance and availability.

Greater Accuracy - Conversion accuracy of 99.9% using automated conversion tools.

Increased Savings - Both operating and maintenance costs were reduced.

Reinsurance and Large Commercial

AdvantageGo is the innovative commercial insurance and reinsurance product family from Coforge. It enables insurers and reinsurers around the world to fuse the traditional with digital, helping them to rapidly adapt, drive change, and succeed with agile software and Microservices:


Revolutionizing insurance software with real time data and insights for better informed decisions

Innovative commercial and reinsurance product suite

Navigator, Exact and Acumen deliver agility, and innovation.

Pioneering Microservices

Cut costs, mitigate risks, and achieve more with insightful, curated, real-time intelligence.

Case Study : Canopius strategic underwriting platform

The global implementation of Navigator successfully delivered an underwriting and claims platform on budget and within the agreed timelines.

Speed of access - linked document management and storage.

Full integration - for analytics, reporting and end-to-end financial ledger systems.

Case studies: Results that speak for themselves

Legacy modernization for leading provider of retirement products

A legacy platform brought high maintenance and support cost challenges, coupled with long product times to market. Coforge made architecture level enhancements to enable the client greater agility, and to handle future generation investment.


  • 30% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • 15-20% improvement in product time to market.
  • Improved returns due to diversified risk and competitive edge over other retirement products providers.

Premium prediction for award-winning P&C carrier

Using a combination of the right platform and a deep understanding of the client’s historic data, Coforge introduced predictive modelling and Data Lake solutions to predict premiums.


  • 89% premium accuracy.

Improved time-to-market for large supplemental insurer

Coforge simplified the insurer’s complex multiple application and product landscape via digital integration using a microservices based architecture.


  • 30% faster time to market projected.
  • Successful landscape simplification.
  • Improved product stability

Connected Home app for global leader in protection products

Coforge implemented a network scanner application to discover and analyze all devices in the network at just one click.


  • Improved upsell/cross sell opportunities due to more streamlined data capture.
  • Enhanced underwriting abilities through reduced claim and loss ratios, and improved margins, using real-time data analytics.
  • Improved customer loyalty through improved risk mitigation.

Improved property marketing for US P&C carrier

Coforge harnessed external data sources, developing analytics, and modelling techniques that provided the client with the digital foresight to discover ideal properties to insure, pre-underwritten quotes, and simplified sales.


  • 30% improvement in loss ratio.
  • 66% reduction in quotation times.
  • Improved customer loyalty through improved risk mitigation (from 15 minutes to just 1 minute).
  • 300% increase in homeowner quotes.
  • 6-fold increase in new business volume stability.

About Coforge

Coforge is a leading global IT solutions organization, enabling its clients to achieve real world business impact through unparalleled domain expertise working at the intersection of emerging technologies. The company focuses on three key verticals: Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Travel and Transportation. This domain strength combined with leading-edge capabilities in Data & Analytics, Automation, Cloud, and Digital, helps clients innovate business, automate process and industrialize AI.

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