Award Winning portal enabling goal-based investment tracking for High Networth clients


To meet the growing expectations of High Net Worth (HNW) customers, and keep them delighted, financial institutions need to continuously evolve and stay on top of technologies that improve efficiency. This challenge for consistent, continuous performance excellence is compounded if the systems that support the organization are obsolete and in need of a serious upgrade. Faced with these challenges, a top investment company with global interests partnered with Coforge to improve the responsive web application framework that acts as a multi-channel platform. We rendered a friendly user experience, better performing application, improved user productivity, and a more up-to-date user experience with an overall reduction in ongoing platform maintenance cost to the client.

About the Client

A financial services company, the client is a global provider of investment processing, investment management, and investment operations solutions. The company provides products and services to institutions, private banks, investment advisors, investment managers, and private clients.

Business Challenge

The client was looking to establish a categorized view of wealth data retrieved from the general ledger system. It wanted to help HNW clients to analyze, track, and manage their wealth. With the existing system becoming redundant and unable to support the expanding technology infrastructure, it was critical for business to upgrade the existing client website for HNW clients.

The core challenges the new application needed to partially or fully address, included:

  • Limited browser/operating system support. High bandwidth consumption each time a new field was added or a user interface change was implemented—this had a performance impact on clients already close to using up their available bandwidth capacity
  • Non-intuitive legacy user interface that affected client productivity
  • Lack of a separate application for client and admin that made data management difficult
  • Obsolete technology spectrum that needed a technology lift
  • Difficulty in integrating data from different sources and possible errors

Our Solution

Based on our proven experience in the Banking and Financial Services sector, the client partnered with Coforge to create a comprehensive, future-ready website that catered to HNW clients.

Delivering More Value

  • More Customer-centric: The solution provided a comprehensive, personalized, and clear view of investor wealth via a single and secure technology solution.
  • More Cost Benefit: It was possible to track progress against goals, identify key trade-offs, and enable decision-making to re-align financial resources.
  • More Efficiency: There was a 40% reduction in time and cost due to faster and clearer decision-making by customers. Users can quickly track and see their wealth progress over time.
  • More Efficiency: There was a 40% reduction in time and cost due to faster and clearer decision-making by customers. Users can quickly track and see their wealth progress over time.
  • More Functionality: : The UI was made more responsive (also iPad compatible), interactive, and up to speed with industry trends. It was also aligned with the overall marketing theme of the customer.
  • More Interactive: :Reporting and integration with various third-party applications made it easier for users to collaborate with their personal relationship manager, and use quick messaging to reach out to the platform management team.
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