Coforge mordenizes services and reduces costs by 30% for a major UK Charity

One of the leading charities in the UK was not satisfied with the quality of services it was receiving from an IT shared services entity. End-of-life IT assets and lack of service management resulted in a poor user experience. This was compounded by a lack of wider services and technology experience within the shared services entity. To overcome these challenges, the charity sought a partner with in-depth technology and service management experience, who would have the capability to transform service provision and deliver sustained innovation. Coforge, were selected through a competitive tender process to be the transformational partner.


Coforge solution delivered an immediate 30% cost saving with further sustainable year on year reductions. Leveraging our in-depth IT services experience, Coforge are providing:

  • Dedicated delivery center for charities providing a strong focus on service management and user experience
  • Local service desk for a better understanding of the charity’s needs
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Step change in the use of technology focused automation and AI
  • Real time dashboards for key service metrics
  • Migration to the Cloud and closure of legacy data centers
  • Remote working capabilities through VDI
  • Transition from incumbent seamlessly in 4 months
  • Data and analytics – supporting a bespoke Extract-Transform-Load platform
  • Quality Engineering services
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