Delivered MDR services for a US Healthcare Debt Collector


The customer wanted a partner to deliver Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services in support of its Cybersecurity operations. The customer was looking for 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and response capabilities to advance threats against the organization across all sites and environments. Coforge collaborated with the customer to deliver the requirements as a service.

About the Client

The customer is a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management services that transform and solve revenue cycle performance challenges across hospitals, health systems, and physician groups across the United States.

Business Challenge

The customer was looking for a partner experienced in the healthcare domain to deliver Managed Detection and Response across its locations globally. As part of the MDR services, the client wanted a 24x7x365 security monitoring, threat hunting, and threat & vulnerability management services, The customer wanted the partner to provide these services 72 hours as they relinquished control of their SIEM solution due to a security incident. The customer did not have defined process workflows, which lead to inconsistent operations and increased time and resource consumption and lacked the resource strength in-house to support the 24x7 operations. 

Our Solution

Coforge provided a holistic approach to the cybersecurity operations, which included people, process and technology to address their requirements. The Coforge solution approach is described below:

  • Coforge agile approach provided quick mobilization of resources for overnight deployment of the security team to provide security services.
  • Coforge’s proven transition methodology helped align customer’s security frameworks & policies for quick transition of operations.
  • Established a 24x7x365 security operations center and quick deployment of SIEM solution using Coforge’s SIMP framework. Coforge integrated the environment (both on-premise and cloud) and defined baselines, implemented customer-specific use cases in 72 hours.
  • Using Coforge’s SIMP framework, Coforge helped to define the incident management process, escalation matrix. Coforge also defined SOPs and run books for the security operations.
  • Provisioned threat hunting services
  • Coforge provided a real-time dashboard for monitoring of applicable compliances like HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCIDSS.
  • Coforge used its MASTER services to set up a robust Threat and Vulnerability Management program for infrastructure and applications including thick client applications

Delivering more value:

  • Go-live of security operation within 3 working days.
  • Improved mean time to detect and respond to security incidents.
  • Automated vulnerability scanning services.
  • A risk-based approach to vulnerability remediation.
  • Streamlining security operation processes for efficient incident management and effective communication.


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