Delivered a Multichannel Responsive Solution using Agile for an Experiential Travel Leader


As an experiential travel leader offering over 300 tours in 6 continents for millennials worldwide, our client wanted to raise the bar even higher. It wanted to deliver exciting cross-channel digital experiences which were exclusive, authentic, and personalized. It wanted to improve business agility, brand strength, and expand the market by enhancing customer experience and engagement.


Based on the strength of our near-shore capabilities and extensive expertise in the travel sector, we:

  • Configured the customer engagement platform based on segmentation, profile/persona to deliver exclusively personalized experiences.
  • Launched auto-customization including predictive personalization based on traveller profile through demographics, technographic and transactional data which drove customer engagement and bookings higher.
  • Drove effective content management across channels with ‘mobile first’ principle.
  • Delivered a multi-channel solution which is responsive in an agile, rapid prototyping model.


The existing online platform was transformed into an award-winning web presence by leveraging our strength as the global implementation partner for Sitecore customer experience platform. We were able to deliver a visually immersive experience that is also intuitive, aesthetic, and personalized across all channels through our comprehensive digital strategy and technical services consulting practices.


Rolled out an award-winning website globally across desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Enhanced productive engagement through contextual messaging, advanced Machine Learning, and third-party customer data that makes the customer feel special.

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