Delivering an Agile, Accurate and Interactive Workforce Analytics Solution to a Large European Bank


The Resource Management Group of a leading European bank in the U.K. serving over 100 million customers globally was dealing with a variety of workforce management related data sources. A solution was required to establish meaningful KPIs and scorecards for workforce management. A team was manually consolidating data from multiple data sources to produce reports and scorecards in Excel. Collection and consolidation of data was manual and the visualisation of data in executive presentations were delivered on PowerPoint. The visualisation was static with no possibility of deeper analytics and minimal meaningful information was presented. This hampered business decision-making on the workforce and steps to be taken to improve productivity, efficiency and ROI.


With a focus on data management, simplification, agility and visualisation, Coforge worked jointly with client’s team over three weeks to develop an automated solution in MicroStrategy, which allowed users to drill-down, self-serve and build analysis in an interactive environment.



Accurate Workforce Data

The tool provides accurate information on client’s entire workforce. This includes their roles, skills, secondment details, working hours and which projects they are assigned to. It also provides supplier and vendor analysis to compare costs.

Centralised Decision Making

Clear and interactive dashboards/reports showing the current levels against target levels for contractors, suppliers, agencies, along with permanent members of staff, allows for effective decisions to be made centrally and eliminating two-week delays in ad-hoc queries.


*Data hasbeen anonymised for this example dashboard


  • Clear and dynamic visualisation of specific spend categories enabling deeper understanding of the operational cost of the workforce
  • Quicker decision making on to establish steps for cost reduction and productivity improvements through better analysis efficiency
  • Single version of truth in an automated and integrated workforce analytics system eliminating manual consolidation of data from seven unmaintained source systems
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