Delivering Seamless Contract Loading Services for a Leading Destination Management Company


In the business of hospitality services, efficiency is everything. Operational delays can impact time-to-market, revenue opportunities, and customer experience. That’s why a leading destination management company entrusted us with their contract loading operations. And, to help manage it seamlessly, we set up a business process hub that delivered more value—clearing the client’s backlog in just two months, unlocking 40% savings in operational costs, and processing transactions with 100% accuracy in financial parameters.

About the Client

A leading destination management company and a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest global airlines, the client provides complete destination services in the Middle East.

Business Challenge

The client’s hotel contract loading services were managed in-house. The process required manual capture, update, and correction of hotel and tour operator rates to create an accurate inventory. This manual process, combined with the client’s capacity constraints, led to a huge backlog. As a result, the client was grappling with significant delays in time-to-market and loss of revenue opportunities. With their onshore operations characterized by high operational cost and scarcity of skilled resources, the client turned to Coforge for greater operational efficiency.

Our Solution

Leveraging our BPM3 methodology and domain expertise, we set up a team of process experts at our delivery center in Gurgaon, India. We implemented a proprietary, technology-assisted workflow system to process the client’s backlog in a time-bound manner.

Having addressed the immediate need of clearing the backlog, we created a flexible operations model to manage seasonality and minimize future backlog. This model was embedded with a three-level quality audit mechanism to ensure accuracy in financial parameters—preliminary, peer-to-peer, and quality auditors. To achieve higher efficiency, we embedded Six Sigma and lean techniques into the model while also enabling real-time reporting and updates.

Delivering More Value

The extended utilization of Acumen insurance data warehouse delivered the following business benefits to the client:

  • More Agility: We achieved a significant reduction in time-to-market and facilitated real-time loading of offers and special packages for customers.
  • More Efficiency: The Coforge operations team cleared the client’s backlog in just two months.
  • More Accuracy: Our three-tier quality audit mechanism resulted in 100% accuracy in financial parameters and 99.2% overall accuracy.
  • More Savings: Our solution delivered savings of over 40% in operational costs demands of the client.
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