Driving Down Technology Production Costs for a Leading Insurer


An insurer’s technology landscape is complex, and supporting the myriad systems in it requires a deep understanding of platforms—from mainframes and legacy systems to web services and applications. A leading insurer found this capability in Coforge. Which is why they entrusted us with production support for various mission-critical applications, and was able to reduce cost by 30-40 percent. Today, as their production support partner, we continue to deliver new ideas and more value, ensuring their applications are accessible and reliable for a large user base.

About the Client

A global leader in the insurance and financial services arena, the client provides solutions for life insurance, defined contribution/pension, group insurance, annuity, and mutual funds.

Business Challenge

The client had a diverse customer base across life, defined contribution/pension, group insurance, annuity, and mutual funds, with participants, sponsors, producers, brokers, and third-party administrators. To provide services to these customers, the client had a variety of IT solutions that were built on numerous technology platforms ranging from mainframes and legacy systems to e-business solutions. Additionally, they also had batch applications that enabled data communication between mainframe systems, other systems, and e-business solutions. All these business applications were real-time and mission-critical. Therefore, ensuring reliability and 24/7 availability of these applications was imperative. The client had a large team of dedicated professionals who supported the e-business applications for all operational issues including production. These professionals were drawn from the development team and were highly experienced, and thus, an expensive resource. The client turned to us to reduce production support costs and reduce their utilization of expensive resources for support operations.

Our Solution

We created a comprehensive production support team that was focused on two areas: business administration (BA) support and technical support:

  • BA Support: Comprised BA inbox, Librarian inbox, 24/7 monitoring services, and data synchronization.
  • Tech Support: Included monitoring production inboxes 24/7/365, raising issues by creating tickets, and working through to closure; coordinating with the application team, infrastructure team, and IMB helpdesk; fixing bugs; undertaking enhancements; suggesting measures to improve production support processes.

Delivering More Value

  • More Savings: With a comprehensive solution that cut across web applications, web services, batch applications, and utilities, the client was able to reduce production support cost by 30-40 percent.
  • More Efficiency: We were able to deliver complete customer satisfaction and meet defined and agreed SLAs for the whole engagement. This success enabled the client to free up their highly experienced resources from production support operations and utilize their expertise for new projects.
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