Enabled Cost Savings of USD 1.5 Million for a Leading US Luxury Hotel and Casino Chain through Robotic Process Automation


A leading US-based luxury hotel and casino corporation providing unbeatable hospitality and gaming experiences wanted to implement automation to reduce cost and manual intervention across multiple functions like booking, housekeeping, and human resources. Coforge used robotic process automation to automate existing processes and business functions. The customized bots led to operational excellence with a fast, accurate, and cost-effective virtual workforce. 

About the client

The client is a leading US-based luxury and casino corporation. 

Our Solution

Coforge used its proprietary TESS RPA delivery framework to transform existing business processes with RPA implementation - creating leaner and more efficient business functions. Bots were introduced to automate the following processes: 

  • Implemented RPA and introduced bots across core business functions of Reservation, Loyalty, Back Office, Promotions & Campaigns, Employee Management, and Housekeeping to make them leaner and more efficient 
  • Enabled automated booking of show tickets through brokers 
  • Enabled the normalization of loyalty points through automated validation with CRM 
  • Automated auditing of sales for the Banquet and Box Office Shows 
  • Automated the creation of the monthly retail revenue report 
  • Powered auto-creation and accurate validation of promotional offers and rewards 
  • Ensured accurate upkeep of employee attendance and leave records as well as real-time interaction of housekeeping and employee systems 

Delivering more Value

Coforge analyzed the “As Is” processes, identified the automation opportunities, and reengineered the existing processes by deploying customized bots. Thus, creating a fast, accurate, cost-effective virtual workforce leading to operational excellence. 

  • 100% SLA compliance due to efficient processes, improved turnaround-time 
  • Cost savings of USD 1.5 Million annually 
  • 51% improvement in speed of operations through automation, accurate execution, and elimination of non-value-added processes 
  • 24x7  Accurate and automated bill processing ensured uninterrupted, round-the-clock services 


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