Global Hedge Fund Group


Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, the $ 15 bn AUM group is engaged in active trading, investing and research in the global equity, venture capital, debt, currency, and commodity markets.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of centralized operations framework
  • Lack of measurement framework
  • Multiple sources of inputs
  • Significant manual effort in managing data
  • Lack of visual modeling and investigation framework
  • Multiple tools and applications with distributed feature set

Our Solutions

  • Workflow based task allocation and reporting
  • Optimization of operational window
  • Standardization of processes across geographies
  • Consolidation of data services from other providers
  • Leverage industry standard scheduler
  • Creation of data dictionary
  • Use data virtualization layer for data distribution

Benefits Delivered

  • ~35% annual savings from consolidation and offshoring
  • Capture of metrics on data feed, analyst utilization
  • Quality of services at 99.5%+.
  • Reduced manual effort through macros, scripts.
  • Enabling automation of data acquisition and enrichment to enterprise applications
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