A Global Investment Management Firm Drives Business Transformation Using Cloud Services


Cloud has become a key imperative for organizational IT strategy. It offers an infinitely scalable infrastructure available on-demand with “pay-as-you-go” applications and services. The new Cloud paradigm brings in efficiency, scalability and agility. Coforge offers a consultative and advisory approach via client-centric workshops to envision and reimagine a Cloud operating model and a Cloud deployment strategy aligned with business goals and outcomes. The clients get a full lifecycle and full stack service from strategy through migration and modernization.

Business Challenge

The client, a global investment manager, was looking to transform to a Cloud-ready state and engaged Coforge. Leveraging our Cloud methodology, an assessment and migration plan was provided to the investment manager and foundation services were established. The foundation services were designed to adhere to the security and regulatory compliance policies of the financial institution. Following this, Coforge enabled the client to start their journey of a large infrastructure migration to Cloud.

Our Solution

Spanning across 15 months, this project was executed using an iterative (Agile) methodology to move candidate workloads (823 servers and 700 TB of data) to Azure. The migration leveraged the Cloud to enable them to drive enhanced value to their customers and to their organization. The automation approach enhanced the assurance of Cloud migration. Here are the highlights of some of the key steps that were executed during the migration:

  • The key to the success of Cloud migration was the business adoption framework. The application, data and infrastructure services design on the Cloud focused on the adoption framework to accelerate the migration.
  • Through a series of client workshops, business alignment and a business case were outlined, which determined the guardrails of the new Cloud operating model.
  • Fitness and readiness assessment of the organization helped identify the gaps and areas of focus.
  • The adoption framework's foundational elements were teaming and collaboration. A dedicated "Cloud Office" with cross-functional team members was established to help progress frictionless migration of critical business applications and infrastructure to the Cloud.
  • The migration framework ensured critical governance elements around security and regulatory compliance with cost efficiency.
  • A robust industry-proven methodology to transform the organization to a Cloud First business.
  • A tool driven assessment approach defined the best path of migration for components of the enterprise’s portfolio.
  • Foundational design and provision of services through a managed Cloud services provider ensured an industry grade Cloud platform.

A Global Investment Management Firm Drives Business Transformation Using Cloud Services

Delivering More Value

This engagement is driving significant growth across a number of business KPIs.

A Global Investment Management Firm Drives Business Transformation Using Cloud Services

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