Improving Outage Lifecycle Management


Client is UK based large insurance platform provider having more than 25+ customers using their services which includes platform usage, maintenance and helpdesk support services.

Client Challenges

  • Multiple interpretation of service levels
  • Lack of clear triage ownership
  • Ineffective management communication
  • Service deficiency leading to end user defections

Our Solutions

  • Data collected from 3 months operations to assess the pattern of severity 1 tickets
  • Templates were developed to identify reasons causing delays in average resolution time
  • Trend analysis was performed to understand the pattern of delays
  • Cause & Effect analysis & RCA done for findings
  • Prioritized the sequence of problem resolutions

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced impact on business due to failure or disruption in IT Services
  • Empowerment through near real time situation awareness
  • Proactive intervention to prevent P2 to P1 conversions
  • Improvement in perception of responsiveness
  • Eliminate human error through tool automation
  • Automated notification & escalation to improve triage reaction time between stakeholders
  • Process improvement for management communication
  • Oversee Business Impact Assessment and monitor major IT
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