Major US Bank


Based in US, the client provides fiduciary, retirement, and institutional services. It is an independently operated trust company chartered in the state of Delaware, has offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Client Challenges

  • Volume spikes – Enable, Enhance Systems to do more with the same teams
  • Inefficient Processes – Design effective and efficient processes
  • Risk reduction – Audit findings
  • IT applications not available on intranet / internet

Our Solutions

  • Decouple WTRIS recon team by segregating Administration from Core recon
  • Process transition using “lift & shift” methodology
  • Increase usage of latest version of applications
  • Audit to be involved in reviewing identified risks and also proposed solution
  • Automating GL to reduce risks of Cash Recons
  • SharePoint - Deployment of Operations/ Workflow platform
  • Connect to virtual desktop - Availability of IT applications and systems over intranet / internet

Benefits Delivered

  • Overall efficiency improvement through:
    • Deployment of Operations/ Workflow platform
    • Application integration
    • Reduction of manual touch points
    • Automations
  • Optimize costs by centralizing of tasks performed
  • Scalable systems
  • Centralize all operations at one point / location
  • Risk reduction
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