Optimizing Incident Management and Issue Resolution and integration with CRM system


Automating incident management system is critical for improving response and resolution times. It also prevents errors from slipping through the cracks and facilitates centralized control on data collected for resolution. The client needed a reliable IT partner to modernize the incident management system for faster and more efficient resolution of reported incidents. Therefore, they approached Coforge to replace the error-prone manual process with a streamlined and secure platform that could help resolve complaints in a timely and orderly manner. We designed customized IMU software and integrated it with their CRM system for desired process excellence.

About the Client

A financial services company, the client is a global provider of investment processing, investment management, and investment operations solutions. The company provides products and services to institutions, private banks, investment advisors, investment managers, and private clients.

Business Challenge

Incident management through CRM is typically a sensitive process in large organizations and it was linked to disparate systems in this case. Each system had its own set of resolution steps as per the kind of incident reported. The advisor CRM service module needed to address the following problems:

  • The complete process of incident management—including initial reporting, its assessment, resolution, review, and closure—was manual.
  • There were separate protocols for incident management in every system. The CRM module had to be updated manually when any system resolved an incident and was time-consuming.
  • The manual intervention at each separate system also called for trainings and specialized knowledge of its process.

Our Solution

The Coforge CRM team designed a customized software solution to give the Service Desk a tool that could remedy reported problems quickly and deliver accurate solutions. The manual practice was transformed into an automated process leading to same-day incident resolution, reduced turnaround times, and better process efficiency.

Now, when the Service Desk raises an incident in CRM, the new system automatically creates a service task based on the problem category defined in its corresponding system. Tracking progress also becomes easy as status update of the service task gets automatically handled.

Coforge’ solution was seamless CRM integration with diverse systems involving minimum configuration. Further, the CRM can integrate with any new systems that are defined in this solution.

Delivering More Value

By deploying the CRM integrated automated incident management process, Coforge was able to help the client in centralizing data access and control. The new tool helped them to streamline the resolution process while reducing the risk of errors inherent in manual processes.

  • More Efficiency: Incident Management became a cost-effective process and it brought down 5 days’ work to a single day thereby shrinking the lifecycle of problem resolution. It helped in increasing resource utilization efficiently
  • More Agility: The management team was able to quickly access complete, comprehensive, and accurate reports for any type of incident due to automation.
  • More Control: The new system enabled restructuring of a multi-level incident approval process by eliminating paper files and storing all crucial data electronically in a central place.
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