Powering Seamless Operations Across 300 Airlines for a Leading Travel Technology Company


When more than a billion people use your platforms to plan, book, and manage their travel, technology transcends the role of an enabler. It is at the heart of every experience. That’s why a leading global travel technology company reached out to us to manage their mission-critical applications. We ensured these applications are reliable today and ready for tomorrow, with solutions shaped by new ideas and more value.

About the Client

An American global travel technology company, the client is one of the world’s leading providers of retail travel products and technology solutions. Their offerings cater to travelers, travel agents, corporations, hotels, car, rail, cruise, tour operator companies, and travel suppliers.

Business Challenge

The airlines industry is among the biggest consumers of innovative technologies—customers interact with technology at every step of their journey. For our client, technology is core to their business—it is used by customers to plan, search, and book their travel. But the applications enabling these processes are not easy to maintain as they run on a diverse set of technologies, from rare to customized to state-of-the-art.

Managing these applications requires skilled professionals and such resources are hard to find in niche areas such as Transaction Processing Facility (TPF). Further, modernizing these applications to keep pace with innovative and open source technologies can often be multi-year projects that drain the enterprise in cost and effort. To address these challenges, the client needed a partner with rich travel technology expertise, the ability to scale, the resources to manage large, complex technology programs, and a sound understanding of how technology can enhance customer experience. Coforge could deliver all this and more.

Our Solution

The engagement began in 2002, with Coforge setting up a development center focusing on legacy technologies such as TPF, Assembler, and TPF Database Facility. Based on early success in delivering support for a range of applications, the relationship grew exponentially. A dedicated development center (DDC) was set up in Noida and Mumbai in India, providing application development, maintenance, modernization, and testing services. The teams in this DDC worked closely with the client’s technology teams to create a global delivery engine that powered operations for more than a billion customers across the globe.

Delivering More Value

The client partnered with us to reduce operations and support costs, harness innovative technologies, and exceed customer expectations. Over the years, Coforge has delivered on all these mandates. By partnering with us, the client was able to achieve:

  • More Efficiency: We enabled faster and seamless development of business applications through highly skilled and trained resources, proprietary assets, and an operating model embedded with best practices from our vast experience in the travel industry.
  • More Delight: We ensured quality and reliability of various mission-critical applications across reservations, travel distribution, online travel portals, airline scheduling, pricing, yield management, and flight operations.
  • More Agility: We enabled the client to act with speed and agility in adapting to changing business and operational needs, including evolution of legacy platforms and systems, and adoption of new open source technologies
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