Property and Casualty Insurance Client


Client provides specialty and standard commercial lines insurance products through our admitted and surplus lines insurance companies.

Client Challenges

  • Very lengthy and non-standard processes
  • Shorter window of processing
  • Higher manual efforts
  • High number of quality defects in the process leading to re-work
  • Challenges in browsing the lengthy PDF documents resulting in high AHT
  • Implementation of new platform
  • Long training period due to complexity of the LOB’s
  • Traditional way of executing the process deliverables

Our Solutions

  • Feasibility analysis performed at client’s site by NIIT
  • Implemented 10 BOTs covering 60% of the transaction types
  • Value stream mapping done and re-engineered traditional processes
  • Standardization of procedure documents
  • Created Center of Excellence for executing RPA implementations
  • Tableau tools suggested where applicable instead of RPA
  • Confluence tool support extended to knowledge transmission
  • Created a re-engineered “To Be” process maps to reduce the non-value adds
  • Restructure of the staffing along with a dedicated program manager provided to client with developers at client site

Benefits Delivered

  • Saved 5 FTEs worth of effort
  • Efficiency improved by 70%
  • TAT improved by 40%
  • Cost saving of $300k within 6 months
  • Implementation of 10 BOT to reduce manual effort
  • Reduced manual effort through implementation of reporting tool, scripts where bots were not required
  • Quality improved to 100%+ from 95%
  • Less manual intervention
  • More scalable
  • Accurate reports and easy monitoring of data
  • Standardization of processes helped in saving significant training time and effort
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