Redefined Identity and Access Management for US Based Pharmaceutical Company


The customer was looking for a partner to help them implement and manage IAM solution and establish a security awareness program for its employees. Coforge worked with the customer in deploying an organization wide IAM solution and establishing a training and awareness program for employees.

About the Client

The client is a US-based pharmaceutical company headquartered in New Jersey.

Business Challenge

The customer was looking for a partner to help them to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities through programs focused on:

  • Improving their identity and access management capabilities by implementing IAM solutions.
  • Establishing a security awareness program to educate their employees and strengthen the last line of defense.

Our Solution

Partnering with the client, we successfully implemented the required solutions to address customer’s requirements:

  • Coforge conducted meetings with relevant stakeholders from customer organizations to understand their environment, employee distribution, applications, etc.
  • Established IAM strategy for the customer using Coforge’s ACE framework.
  • Implement, integrate and manage OKTA Identity cloud solution.
  • Coforge performed integrations of the OKTA IAM solution with the customer’s Active Directory.
  • Seamless transition and onboarding of 16 customer applications and users on the newly provisioned IAM solution.
  • Performed centralized management of the organization-wide IAM policies and processes through the OKTA solution.
  • Designed and implemented security awareness and training program, using Coforge PAT service, to provide role-based training for the employees.

Delivering More Value

  • Delivered IAM service transformation in 2 months without disruption of services.
  • Automated IAM processes for improved user experience.
  • Security awareness and training program led to a 20% improvement in employee mindfulness at identifying and reporting spam emails.
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