Redefining Security for Japanese Multinational Banking and Financial Services Institution


The customer wanted to conduct an FFIC assessment of the environment to check its preparedness for the audit. Customer also wanted the partner to conduct security assessment and help define cybersecurity strategy to meet its future business objectives. Coforge worked with the customer in aligning its cybersecurity strategy with its organization strategy.

About the Client

The client is a Japanese multinational banking and financial services institution headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The client provides financial products and services to a wide range of clients, including individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, financial institutions and public sector entities.

Business Challenge

The customer was looking for a partner to provide the below mentioned services:

  • Perform the FFIC assessment prior to their audit.
  • Define security policies and processes for vulnerability management, risk management, compliance management etc. for the customer.
  • Perform cloud readiness assessment for O365 migration.
  • Provide a future security roadmap.

Our Solution

Coforge approach to the solution involved the below mentioned tenets:

  • Conducted workshops and interviews with the stakeholders to understand the existing environment of customer.
  • Conducted the FFIC assessment of the customer’s environment leveraging Coforge’s GRC framework.
  • Perform cyber maturity assessment to determine the current security posture of the environment
  • Used Coforge’s GRC framework to perform a tiered evaluation of the security controls and processes for identification of gaps and improvement areas.
  • Leveraged Coforge’s GRC services to define customer specific security process based on the industry standards.
  • Conducted cloud readiness assessment of the environment
  • Defined policies and processes for safe adoption of cloud

Delivering more value:

  • FFIC assessment report with identification of key initiatives to improve security ratings.
  • Detailed cyber maturity assessment report providing view of the current state and strategy to improve maturity level and reduce risk ratings.
  • Future roadmap for cybersecurity to optimize investment in security technologies.
  • Defined O365 adoption processes and policies.
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