Revamping Airline Ticketing System for a Travel Aggregator


When billions of people use your platform to book and manage their travel every day, technology must transcend the conventional vendor boundaries to be able to offer improved passenger experience. That is why one of the largest travel aggregators turned to us for an iPhone application that incorporated all the functionalities required for flight reservations. We collaborated with the client to drive a better experience for travelers, while considerably elevating their brand's value.

About the Client

One of the largest travel aggregators in India, the client offers a suite of functions through its ticket booking application.

Business Challenge

The client wished to expand its mobile offerings to remain competitive and meet growing traveler demands. The current application did not deliver rich information lacking a clean and intuitive design. Users had to click too many times to complete a single task. In addition, the limited bandwidth of mobile devices was making it difficult for the travelers to make reservations with ease.

The client needed an IT implementation partner having the iPhone application development capabilities and experience in similar engagements for customers worldwide.

Our Solution

Revamping Airline Ticketing System for a Travel Aggregator

As the application development provider, we collaborated with the client’s team to ensure smooth delivery. Early on, we identified potential application bottlenecks, and necessary documentation support to determine the impact of requirements on the design. Our team developed an iPhone application that enabled the client’s customers to quickly search and book air tickets through credit/debit cards, earn loyalty points to be redeemed later, and refer deals and offers to friends and colleagues. Customers were able to get a number of deals on the application, enhancing their overall experience.

The application was developed using Objective C in Cocoa framework and is available for download on the Apple App Store. Through extensive research, we also created an engaging and intuitive user interface that entailed minimal clicks to perform various actions.

Delivering More Value

  • More Ease: Our iPhone application simplified payments and processing of transactions.
  • More Satisfaction: With information available on the go, the overall customer experience was enhanced. The time taken to make reservations was also reduced. The application integrated with the entire business structure improving revenue streams for the client.
  • More Efficiency: The cycle time of key processes was reduced throughout the value chain.
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