Transforming Advisor Acquisition into an Automated System with 80% Lower Time-to-Market and 70% Higher Lead Conversion for a US Wealth Management Platform Leader


A leading wealth management solutions provider wanted to improves sales/ marketing effectiveness by digitalizing the existing inefficient and ad hoc advisor acquisition process. The entire value chain was in scope, starting from higher marketing campaign effectiveness, through to acquisition, frictionless onboarding, and servicing.


The successful launch of this solution encompassed all phases of campaign execution by automating right from capturing prospect data to onboarding of a new advisor. The system delivered an actionable set of unique lead data and accurately measured campaign effectiveness till closure.

  • 60% Spend out of allocated budget. Completed execution by spendin
  • 70% Boost in lead conversion rate.
  • 80% Reduction in time-to-market by automating all the tedious manual processes of advisor on-boarding.


Leveraging our deep domain knowledge and global solution delivery practice, we:

  • Automated lead generation process and other time-consuming activities in an MS Dynamics-based CRM system.
  • Implemented rich functionality in CRM to manage marketing campaigns for acquiring new investment advisors
  • Ensured clean Master data through an expert system to flag incomplete or duplicate lead data before categorizing it into new prospects and existing customers.
  • Targeted appropriate lead groups by executing right marketing campaigns from within the system

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