Transforming AP and T&E


One of the biggest communications organization with its roots in the emerging markets. Headquartered in Mumbai and Singapore, it has more than 8500 employees across 38 countries. The $2.9 billion company is listed on the BSE and the NSE of India and is the flagship telecoms arm of the $103.3 billion group.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of centralized operations framework
  • Lack of measurement framework
  • Multiple sources of inputs
  • Significant manual effort in managing data
  • Multiple segregated processes in 3 different locations
  • Lack of visual modeling and investigation framework
  • Multiple tools and applications with distributed feature set

Our Solutions

  • Workflow based task allocation and reporting
  • Process simplification through re-engineering
  • Standardization of processes across locations
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Implementation and optimization of centralized application over SAP
  • Use data virtualization layer for data distribution
  • Invoice digitization
  • RPA implementation

Benefits Delivered

  • ~61% reduction in headcount
  • Implementation of 30 Bots to reduce manual effort
  • Reduced manual effort through macros, scripts where bots were not required
  • Work Allocation, Invoice Processing, Reporting & Analysis, Agent Utilization, Capturing SLAs / KPIs metrics through centralized appl
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