Transforming Digital Commerce by Growing Mobile Sales by 100% in 6 Months for a Leading Global Airline in Europe


A European full-service large global airline spanning over 160 destinations was looking for a digital transformation partner. The carrier wanted to boost digital presence, grow sales and ancillary revenues, and enable a consistent, omnichannel experience for passengers.


Relying on our 2-decade-long airline domain expertise spanning 50+ airlines worldwide, we

  • Sales and Service Enablement: Enabled the direct selling channels that generated over $4 billion in annual revenues
  • Ancillary and Loyalty Enablement: Enabled ancillary revenues by supporting loyalty services and multiple web services for holidays, excess baggage, and seat assignment
  • Omnichannel Enablement: Enabled multiple selling channels for hyper-personalized and hyper-contextualized passenger experience
  • Real-time Interaction Management: Implemented real-time interaction management solutions across all customer touchpoints
  • Implemented state-of-art microservices architecture for the front-end channel site to further boost its scalability and stability
  • Content & Campaign Management: Automated delivery of personalized emails and push notifications for travelers during pre-, mid- and post trip to improve upsell/ cross-sell results



Mobile travel booking revenues increased by 100% in just 6 months. The launch of mobile web project saw a surge in visits by 13% and 30% rise in mobile bookings. A 60% uptick in mobile check-ins led to reduced load on desk check-in agents. We supported over $800 million of ancillary revenues, unique ID identification of over 110 million customers, and personalization for over 55 million passengers.


Mobile travel booking revenues increased


million of ancillary revenues


million customers


million passengers

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