Wealth & Fund Manager


Client provides specialist fund management and fiduciary services, including trust, corporate and fund administration. The group administers over US$500m of client assets with regulated businesses in England, Hong Kong and Mauritius. The wealth management services are provided from its London and Luxembourg offices; the fund management services are provided by Cayman and advisory services from the London office. The fiduciary services are provided from its offices in Hong Kong and Mauritius. 

Client Challenges

  • Absence of standardized processes
  • No process to capture operational metrics
  • Lack of measurement framework
  • Significant amount of manual keying in
  • Highly people dependent processes
  • No workflow process
  • Usage of multiple applications / tools
  • Most of the systems are either inefficient or not optimally used
  • Lack of document management system
  • No workflow / audit trail
  • High resilience on self created excel formats

Our Solutions

  • Standardize all processes
  • Workflow based task allocation and reporting
  • Define operational metrics
  • Define process for document management
  • Implement a “smart” workflow system + document management system
  • Application integration / updation
  • Data cleansing and migration

Benefits Delivered

  • ~40% annual savings from consolidation, system implementation and offshoring
  • Metric driven processes to mitigate any risk
  • 60% TAT improvement
  • Reduced manual effort through standardization and new / enhanced applications
  • Live Dashboards - Transparency of completed and pending tasks to all other related geographies and management
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