Airlines Test Repository to Drive High Availability and Greater Agility

Better customer experiences, higher operational efficiency, and faster creation of new products and services—all of these airlines business imperatives are tied to the performance of business applications. Comprehensive testing holds the key to ensuring high availability and quality of these applications, but it can be time-consuming, complex, and expensive. With over 14,000 ready-to-use test cases—from flight operations to pricing—we can help you realize more value from your application landscape, while driving down test cycle time and shrinking time-to-market.

It is Time to Maximize Value from Your Applications

Even as airline technology becomes more varied and complex, companies are facing the challenge of achieving stable and reliable IT applications with near-zero defects. To meet these expectations, airlines need technology partners with dedicated testing teams to implement quality processes in sales and distribution, ticketing, operations, and logistics to increase customer engagement, employee productivity, and operational efficiency—all the while reducing revenue leakage. Airlines also need to provide high application quality to maximize the value they offer to clients and passengers in terms of transparency, product differentiation, and multiple distribution channels.

The Challenges of Testing Airline Applications

Accelerate Application Release with Our Airlines Test Repository

It has become crucial for the hyper-competitive airlines industry to leverage new business models and technology to build airlines applications. They need to have a ready set of business-critical test scenarios to ensure improved application quality at lower cost and early release of new or enhanced airlines applications.

Coforge has developed an airlines test repository, set up in a centralized location for different advanced airlines applications. The unified ready-to-use test repository leverages our domain expertise to cover business-critical scenarios.

A Wide Range of Test Cases Across the Airlines Value Chain

For new or legacy airlines applications, it is a complicated and time-consuming process to create business-critical test scenarios that ensure complete test coverage of the application. Thorough impact analysis is required to design test scenarios for the impacted areas. We have a ready-to-use set of over 14,000 airline test scenarios/cases across major modules to ensure maximum test coverage of airline applications, thus reducing time-to-market. These test scenarios are readily available in Test Link, an open-source tool that enables easy access for testing teams across the globe.

Harness Our Comprehensive Set of Test Scenarios

Delivering More Value

Our test repository enables effective utilization of resources, greater return on investment, and increased customer satisfaction—improving market share and profitability. Key benefits include:

  • The end user can identify required functionality-related requirements and get a test case book generated.
  • The domain-based test case repository is easily accessible and helps in reducing test case design efforts.
  • Faster turnaround times reduce test cycle execution time with negligible chances of high severity defect leakage. Our test repository also ensures on-time delivery of high quality and optimized airline products.
  • Due to proper visibility of test case repository, test planning and test strategy documents become robust and require minimal or no changes throughout the test life cycle. This enables airlines to test various business functions of the travel domain: fares, ticketing, booking, PNR, and many more.
  • Leveraging the test repository reduces cost involved in training employees on testing processes and airlines domain. It also reduces test design and execution time, in addition to enabling negligible high-severity defect leakage.
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