Disaster Recovery As A Service


Growing business-critical data in organizations is under constant threat from many quarters. It is susceptible not only to large-scale disasters and natural catastrophes but also to more likely events such as serious infrastructure mishaps, virus attacks, data corruption, unplanned outages, network/power outages, physical damages, and critical human errors. Such outages often lead to huge financial losses, irreparable damage to reputation and goodwill, and legal hassles. In addition, businesses today must also deal with the challenges of 24/7 service delivery, which increase data compliance needs against a backdrop of unprecedented data explosion from SMACI (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, and IoT). However, when coupled with shrinking IT budgets, this makes it difficult for organizations to put in place a comprehensive and effective disaster recovery (DR) plan. A cloud-based DR solution presents an agile, efficient, and a cost-effective solution to modern organizations for whom data is the biggest and the most valuable asset.

Why DR and Why DR on a Cloud?

According to analysts’ reports:

  • 40% of SMBs will close their business in the next 5 years upon facing an unplanned disaster
  • An outage costs $282 per minute on an average for a business

Why do you need to consider DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) on Cloud?

  • To ensure business continuity during natural disasters and calamities
  • To safeguard IT assets
  • To reduce costs and have flexible, automated DR sites
  • To ensure Compliance
    • The ISO/IEC 27000 standard that helps organizations keep their information assets secure requires that you have a proven DR solution in place as part of your business continuity planning.


Coforge’ one-click Disaster Recovery offers a cloudbased disaster recovery solution to enable business continuity while closely aligning with the specific recovery timeframes, budget and compliance requirements. The solution is fully managed, software-defined, and hence, can be easily tailored to comply with a client’s business policies. It also ensures strict compliance with the country’s data laws, helps in cost containment and is highly secure.

With the help of a web-based graphical portal, it provides a single pane view of the complete infrastructure. It automates the recovery process with a ‘oneclick’ failover and failback in the event of a disaster/ downtime. Simplified, runbook-based, full-loop DR drills ensure seamless resumption of client’s business critical operations from the DR site within minutes of a catastrophe (as per the agreed RTO/RPO for such applications or services). Our highly skilled (100+ cloud-certified architects) Backup and DR specialists guarantee the requisite white glove support to ensure smooth recovery


  • Highly functional portal with a single pane dashboard
  • Ransomware protection through comprehensive backup strategies
  • Secure and industry-compliant target locations (HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOX etc.)
  • Support for multiple platforms—virtual, physical, cloud, hybrid environments
  • Full-loop DR drills with no unwarranted impact
  • N-Tier application consistency
  • Scalable, agile, and tailored solution for business tiers
  • Cost containment beyond the norm

Single-pane graphical Portal

  • Highly functional
  • Self-service features- Users(Admins) can define, configure and monitor virtually any level of service
  • Ability to initiate rapid failover and failbacks in an orchestrated manner

Scalability, Agility, and Reliability

  • Flexibility to scale independently (Compute and Storage) and improved agility using web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design
  • Continuous data validation and autonomic healing to reduce server recovery time and improve recovery reliability

Secure and Platform-Agnostic

  • Secure and durable cloud disaster recovery platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits
  • Support for multiple platforms- virtualized, nonvirtualized and mixed server environments

Replication, Backup, and Archival

  • Automated block-level replication based on userdefined policies that guarantee near-CDP
  • Optimized replication and backup using global de-duplication, data compression(60-70%), autotiering, high-performance flash storage, and dense SSDs

DR Drills, Monitoring, and Reporting

  • Testing: Simplified automated DR Testing through server virtualization: non-disruptive to production operation. Full-loop test for recovery assurance
  • Monitoring: Proactive IT operations and application monitoring and fault detection using industry-leading tools and automation framework
  • Reporting: Generation of periodic health reports

Costing and Bandwidth

  • Opex model and lower TCO (infrastructure expense of running a second physical site are saved)
  • Cost structure of shared DR with recovery times of dedicated backup infrastructure
  • True pay-per-use and Recovery-based pricing
  • Low and efficient bandwidth consumption: using WAN optimizer, throttling & QoS

Delivering Value

  • 100+ multi cloud-certified architects and Disaster Recovery specialists
  • Proven solutions for India’s largest airports and manufacturing board.
  • Award-winning customer case studies showcasing feats of less than 10 minutes of recovery time.
  • Deep industry expertise in Travel and Transport, BFSI and other verticals
  • Strong global partnerships with leaders in disaster recovery

The Coforge Advantage

Coforge provides Cloud services to over 80 global clients with the help of 400+ Cloud-ready professionals, about 50% of them being Cloudcertified. Nelson Hall recently recognized Coforge as a “Leader” in Cloud Migration based on the strength of our holistic and proven approach. We have the intellectual property and other assets to accelerate adoption to Cloud using a robust and mature process in moving to and operating in the new paradigm. We employ fast-track agile migration methodologies and AI-driven automation in our solutions. We have adapted our Cloud skills to innovative disaster recovery solutions for our clients.

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