Jumpstart your Cloud Journey with a Structured 10-Step Approach and Migrate Critical Applications Rapidly and Seamlessly


Before migrating critical applications to cloud or even considering the option, enterprises have to ponder several questions such as the type of cloud - public, private or hybrid - to migrate to, and the specific applications and environments to begin with. The journey also forces companies to come face to face with unique challenges like external vendor dependence and other uncertainties beyond budgetary and resource considerations. There is a strong need for a comprehensive strategy backed by robust methodology and flawless technical execution. Our structured approach can rejuvenate your business-critical applications by migrating them along with the underlying IT infrastructure to cloud with complete control using proven tools. Coforge has the technological expertise and the tools to jumpstart your journey and enable smooth migration of your workloads at your own pace.

A Checklist for Your Cloud Journey

A number of unique challenges need to be considered and addressed before businesses embrace cloud:

Money: There is a constant pressure to drive down the IT expenditure associated with migration while considering specific customer requirements to prioritize and customize the migration of their applications.

Manpower: Human resources in the organization typically lack the knowledge and skills associated with Cloud migration.

Time: Intense time pressure to beat the competition and finish the migration ahead with zero downtime leads to an inaccurate assessment of the current IT environment.

Uncertainty: The dilemma of when and with which applications to start the migration to cloud often puts the companies in a bind and hampers their decisions.

Legacy Application migration: Legacy applications threaten the migration process as they can pose complex challenges before they can be migrated.

Outside vendor dependence: Migrating your applications to cloud means giving access to your critical business data to an outside vendor, which creates a sense of insecurity among the organizations.

10-Step Cloud Migration Solution

Coforge provides comprehensive professional services to help enterprises migrate complex and demanding applications to Cloud. Our Cloud Migration projects start with a comprehensive strategy followed by detailed planning and strong technical execution.

With numerous live experiences of production, and enterprise cloud computing deployments to our credit, Coforge understands that cloud computing can present both business and technical challenges at the outset and then continue to pose ongoing operational challenges for enterprises. Hence, our Cloud migration services not only adapt IT processes and compliance procedures (ITIL) but also ensure their effectiveness by adapting them to Cloud infrastructure and applications.


Our Cloud migration services help you to overcome these challenges with our industry-leading and proven methodologies and frameworks. The business benefits derived from our services are predictable and thus minimize risk. We also move your IT workloads to hybrid platforms utilizing automation and tools with the leading techniques and implementation methods to ensure the least unexpected interference and minimal issues.


  • A 10-step Cloud solution for effective migration
  • Hybrid Cloud operations framework
  • ITIL-compliant continuous delivery across development, test, and operations

Delivering More Value

  • Customized migration to cloud to fit your business
  • Seamless migration to cloud
  • Convenient with least set-up overhead
  • Rapid 'As-is' migrations
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Migrate to cloud or a hypervisor environment
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