Unlocking Technology’s True Potential for Capital Markets Firms

To thrive rather than survive in the new financial order, technology can no longer be an enabler. We see it as a transformative force to reshape business and operating models. As a partner to capital markets firms, we constantly action new ideas that help navigate changing regulation, increasing competition, and technology disruption. From reshaping cost structures and streamlining sales processes to managing compliance better and embracing digital faster, our services and solutions power agility across the operational spectrum.

From Fragile to Agile—Winning in 'New Normal'

A post-recessionary world for capital markets presents many new challenges—erosion of client confidence, an appetite for safer products, asset losses, and dramatically reduced basis points. The face of regulation has changed drastically with the Dodd-Frank Act, Basel III and the Volcker Rule. And it is not just regulation that looks different. The explosive uptake of mobile devices and growing prevalence of social media-based information gathering is making it imperative to make large-scale changes in how the entire client experience is managed.

To combat this multi-faceted firestorm, asset investment and wealth management institutions are looking to reduce their expenses, improve operational efficiency, shore up client trust, and generate greater revenue. Technology and operational transformation is key to achieving these goals. However, many capital markets firms lack in-house insight, expertise, and scale required to develop and implement robust and cost-effective solutions that can deliver the agility they seek. That is where Coforge can help. With our expertise across the capital markets value chain, we can manage highly complex systems and processes at scale and with greater operational excellence—from asset management, investment management, and investment servicing to custody services and governance, risk, and compliance

We are the Perfect Fit for Firms Seeking Collaborative Partnerships

Our Capital Markets Practice provides a comprehensive, end-to-end set of solutions that address the unique needs and goals of firms with $10 billion to $200 billion in assets under management. Working with us is a more collaborative and rewarding experience compared to the staff augmentation-based models that traditional outsourcers provide to very large financial institutions

As a global IT services company with more than 15 years of experience, we are equipped to support full range of IT and BPM needs of financial institutions, including emerging mobility requirements. Although clients can utilize a combination of our service offerings that best suit their needs, a typical engagement begins with consulting. We gain a deep understanding of the client’s specific challenges, and then develop, in tandem with the client, a comprehensive, solution-focused plan and roadmap

Our Offerings

Unlocking Technology’s True Potential for Capital Markets Firms

Delivering More Value to Capital Markets Firms

  • More Revenue: We enable more effective sales processes and provide front-end tools that deliver superior customer satisfaction and enhance revenue potential.
  • More Savings: In addition to reducing expenses through a variabilized cost model, we impact the bottom line with our Enterprise Automation Framework, which cuts across business processes, IT processes, data and infrastructure management. When implemented at scale, it enables committed reductions in the cost of ownership of business functions.
  • More Efficiency: We leverage our internal Six Sigma and Lean experts to conduct analyses and then undertake initiatives to achieve continuous process improvements.
  • More Process Efficiency: Capital markets firms can leverage our BPM services in two models—we either manage the processes on their platforms or in a turnkey manner by transferring their processes to our own platform. Through these services, firms can more easily scale to the peaks and valleys of the normal business cycle, while ensuring quality personnel are driving their operations, enabling an ever quicker response to changing market dynamics and new opportunities.
  • More Innovation: We can help firms maximize returns from their digital transformation initiatives through integration of digital and legacy assets, solutions and frameworks for seamless aggregation of structured and semi-structured data into analyzable and reportable formats, and actionable business outcome-focused analytical insights through our Digital Foresight platform.
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