Test Advisory and Consulting

Organizations recognize the importance of specialized consulting services and seek testing partners who have transformation and process consulting capabilities. Our Test Advisory and Consulting Services assist organizations to improve their overall testing services. We believe there can be two dimensions to change and transformational consulting—assessing the maturity of the testing function against excellent testing operations and recommending improvements to evolve the capability of the testing function in line with changes in the marketplace.

Leveraging 15+ years of experience in testing and coupled with deep domain expertise, we have developed test consulting methodologies and frameworks. These frameworks and methodologies address the transformation challenges and improve the organization’s testing efficiency and effectiveness.

CoE Roadmap Enablement

This solution is a robust framework that enables organizations to assess their current test maturity, establish applicable testing center of excellence (independent or federated), stabilize and optimize the quality processes, across business areas. It comprises of methodologies and tool for assessing and setting up a testing center of excellence (TCoE). The complete process brings together the strategic assets to realize the vision of TCoE.

Process Assessment and Audit

Test Process Assessment and Audit service provides insights around the organizations’ current testing process against industry best practices and a roadmap for improving the efficiency. We use our inhouse assessment model, based on TPI, for assessing the current maturity of the processes. Customers have optimized their testing process, using our recommendations, to establish standardized, streamlined, and efficient testing processes.

Tool Assessment and Selection

Organization in their endeavor to reduce costs are consolidating their testing tools and moving towards using open source tools. With the range of tools available in market, with their own pros and cons, it is a time-consuming process to select the appropriate tool. Our Tool Assessment and Selection service uses our inhouse scorecard based methodology for tools comparison and selection. It gives a matrix for comparison of different tools with scores for each available feature. The top three tools with the highest score are selected for proof-of-concept (PoC). The results of PoC are then compared to select the tool for implementation.

Test Automation Assessment

We offer an assessment of customers' automation maturity levels and thereafter define an incremental automation path. This model has five levels and addresses different dimensions spreading across technology, tools, people, and process.

Strategy Assessment and Formulation

This involves evaluating test and QA strategy of digital transformation and enterprise transformation programs, establishing the predetermined mission and goals of test and QA. We also help in setting innovation and improvement led processes, guidelines; outcome levers and assessing any gaps, risk and approach in mitigation with necessary skills, frameworks, and tools.

End-to-End performance testing and engineering audit and improvements

This involves doing a comprehensive analysis and recommending performance improvements with early detection of bottlenecks using right tool sets. Here the focus is on performing an in-depth analysis at the component level, dynamic profiling, and capacity evaluation in addition to testing and reporting helping isolate bottlenecks and provide appropriate recommendations . Other aspects include audit of performance testing process from scenario identification, SLA definition, defect severity classifications, data volume prediction, workload modeling, standard naming convention with consistency in execution and reporting.

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Why Us ?
  • Mature testing practice led by 15+ years of advanced testing experience, servicing 35+ active customers worldwide
  • Robust domain knowledge backed by various engagements in key industry segments for over 20 years
  • Customized and phased approach to transform testing maturity
  • Service enablers and accelerators for test strategy and planning, test design, test execution, test reporting, and service-level metrics-based governance
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