In today's digital era, business is changing its need from traditional silios environments to integrated and automated one that can help integrate and centralize business, operations, tools as well as partners. It has become critical for every organization to have an environment where all the components work seamlessly together as a unified whole.

Coforge brings to the table a blend of strong experience and expertise of both domain and technology. ServiceNow is Coforge’s Strategic partner and platform of choice to deliver & manage IT services to internal as well as external customers, in-line with business goals and objectives. As one of ServiceNow’s managed services Premier partners, Coforge has a dedicated ServiceNow practice & team in-place with proven track record of successful implementations and management for its customers.

Coforge maintains over 150+ ServiceNow consultants with an experience of more than 100 successful implementations across Fortune 500 customers supporting 5,000+ fulfillers with over 1 million configuration items/assets in complex environments comprising of multiple integrations.

ServiceNow Expertise

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Our Services

Advisory Services

Includes Evaluation of current environmental Evaluation on multiple parameters including System, Implementation, User Experience etc, Provide Consulting, Define the overall business & application architecture, integration framework and detailed design specifications and Proof of Concept

Implementation Services

Our Professional Services includes Pilot and Validation, Build and Solution Integration, end to end transition implementation, enhancements and any other custom application development within ServiceNow

Integrated Managed Services

Includes Shared or Dedicated Maintenance Services for dedicated or shared instances owned by Coforge or Customer. Flexible Delivery and Support Model as per the needs of customer

ServiceNow as a Service

Includes all-inclusive ServiceNow as a Service that includes license procurement, Consulting, implementation and BAU operations for ServiceNow environment applicable for both shared as well as dedicated model

Our Latest Work


Single pane of glass with Machine learning enabled analytical view through service centric platform for a leading cement manufacturer in Thailand

Business Challenge

  • Due to hosting of hybrid infrastructure in multi geography locations unavailability of single source of truth, huge MTR and poor capacity planning.
  • Reactive & Silo monitoring were resulting frequent outage to business critical application.
  • Human driven IT asset life cycle and fault management

Coforge Solution

  • Consolidate view of infrastructure landscape
  • Tools consolidation thorough Coforge proposed platform
  • Viewing actionable conclusions for performance incidents so that we can ignore false alarms and react faster.
  • Correlate based on the pattern by which the events, logs and alerts are generated in the environment

Benefits to Client

  • Provide prediction based on pattern based events & alerts, and actionable conclusions for performance incidents so that we can ignore false alarms and react faster.
  • Event correlations and deduplication achieved 60% reduction in alerts.
  • Single dashboard for business applications availability management , performance management, analysis and reporting
  • Generate alerts based on historic performance & consumption taking into account the day, time, load, related services & devices which resulted increase in availability

Automation of HR workflows to improve customer experience and efficiency for a leading high speed train service provider in Europe

Business Challenge

  • Manual and time consuming HR processes for Employee Pre-boarding, Onboarding, Movement and Offboarding.
  • Multiple tools and channels to handle HR processes affecting user experience and efficiency.
  • SLA getting impacted due to lack of automation in the process.

Coforge Solution

  • Single Employee Service Center Web Portal for all HR and ITSM related requests.
  • Automated Workflows for Employee Onboarding and Transitions (Joiners-Mover-Leavers)
  • Employee Pre-boarding - Self-Register, Profile Selection / Rejection, Interview Schedule, Offer Letter Release, etc.
  • Employee On-boarding - Transfer to HR for Onboarding, HR Approval, Joining Day Registration, Background Verification, Pre-boarding Candidate Tasks, IT /Admin Task, etc.
  • Employee Off-boarding - Resignation by Employee, Manager and HR Notification, Manager & HR Approvals, Asset Return Records Update, Financial Processing Initiation, Closure, etc.

Benefits to Client

  • Reduction in the cost of operations by cutting down the cycle time.
  • Auto allocation, de-allocation and transfer of assets reduced the human errors and the unwanted consequences.
  • Good service experience for the HR Managers, new joiners and service providers.
  • Tracking, control, and governance of the assets. Whether that be compliance in regulated industries or the protection of business assets that get "lost" as employees move within or leave the organization.
  • Detailed dashboard and reports of assets and users.
  • Single Interface to employees and HR team.

Integrated and centralized Asset Management Database for a leading Airlines in Australia

Business Challenge

  • Incomplete discovery and asset tracking of field staff makes it difficult to track and map complete software information
  • Non Availability of normalized and reconciled real time software information.
  • Complicated Licensing model
  • Lack of structured approach for ITAM model
  • No automated and proactive audit and compliance reports
  • Multiple sources of information for Asset data result in chaos and confusion and causes lack of clarity & increased operational cost.

Coforge Solution

  • ServiceNow ITAM used for Asset Discovery (both hardware and software) from multiple sources
  • Integrated with ServiceNow CMDB for Asset-CI relationship
  • ServiceNow ITOM was integrated with multiple Monitoring tools for Auto ticketing and Event Correlation.
  • Standard Integration Framework to integrate more than 15 tools.

Benefits to Client

  • Auto Identification and Reconciliation of Application and Infra CIs
  • Improved operational efficiency through integrated ITSM processes and accurate & updated CMDB
  • Audit & Compliance reporting for major OEM's
  • Service Management and Device Performance correlated dashboards in single window.
  • Executive Level customized dashboarding.
  • Holistic coverage of Observability.
  • Standardization of monitoring platform.
  • Automated incident resolution for issues like Service restart for Sabre, Shift logic apps etc.
  • Seamless and automated Provisioning/Decommissioning process

Enhancement of UI/UX experience of users of a leading Cruise Lines in North America

Business Challenge

  • Simple task like creation of a Service Request require multiple steps to complete
  • Incomplete mechanism to track the progress for requests
  • Inefficient Search mechanism leads to difficulty in searching for catalog items. Lack of Mobility loses interest in Users
  • Time consuming Request fulfilment process
  • Majority of the tickets coming through email and phone.

Coforge Solution

  • Role based view of services
  • Services identification
  • Fulfilment Automation
  • Data Consolidation on ServiceNow
  • Department and manager field update on User Profile and Assignment group
  • Create fulfilment time dashboard with a top down view from the CIO
  • Service Catalogue mapping
  • ServiceNow Portal UI Design
  • Configuring Chat for improved Self-service.
  • Mobile App Development for End Users

Benefits to Client

  • Increased the speed of raising tickets on the Portal and mobile.
  • Clear design standards that focused on End User
  • Gained Visibility between Processes and Services
  • Increase IT Productivity by increase in Self-service to from 7% to 12%.

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