Workplace Innovation

Business goals achieved with OutSystems Workplace Innovation Battlecard

Why Workplace Innovation?

  • Workplace innovation is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to innovate and enhance employee experience (source: Gallup).
  • Talent risk is the #1 priority for CEOs in 2020 (source: KPMG).
  • Employee experience is critical to talent attraction and retention. E.g.: Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. (source: Glassdoor).
  • Employee Experience is also a top priority of HR leaders in 2020 (source: KPMG).
  • 70% of companies plan to boost spending on HR tech (source: PwC)

Business Initiatives

  • Attract top talent with differentiating digital employee experiences (EX): Creating applications for hiring processes that enable HR teams to automate and optimize hiring tasks and processes and provide a frictionless, engaging candidate experience.
  • Streamline onboarding with customized and employee centric apps: Creating human-optimized, digital onboarding experiences that guide new employees through their first days and weeks in the company, ensure a quick ramp
  • Adapt to rapidly changing working conditions with employee self-service portals and mobile apps: Empowering employees to remain productive despite rapidly changing working conditions, by creating new apps that ensure they can remain productive and do their work safely.

OutSystems Value Proposition

OutSystems is a modern application platform that enables organizations to create employee-centric applications quickly, that ensure employee retention, productivity, and safety.

Using the speed of visual development, a wide range of pre-built UX/UI templates and reusable components, and a flexible architecture, OutSystems enables organizations to quickly create the applications they need to deliver frictionless remote hiring processes, streamline new employee onboarding, and ensure their people remain productive and safe, even when working conditions shift overnight.

With OutSystems, organizations can build new employee experiences at the speed of buy - without the constraints. Unlimited development expressiveness ensures applications can be tailored to the company and employee’s unique needs, while ensuring critical operational requirements like security, reliability, and scalability.


Coforge OutSystems Practice

Coforge are a proud OutSystems Partner providing OutSystems application development, delivery and support services. OutSytems is a modern application platform that helps businesses rapidly build and deploy critical business software applications. It is a cloudnative platform that allows service providers to accelerate the application development lifecycle through a visual, model-driven development. OutSystems’ industry-leading AI-based assistance ensures apps are built in days or weeks, instead of months or years. Coforge’s strong and certified OS practice helps our customers achieve their digital process automation goals, revolutionize their customer’s experience, boost efficiency and maximize customer lifetime value. Currently Coforge are among the top 30 OutSystems partners worldwide.

Through our unique and combined expertise in domain and the OutSystems Platform, we provide Application Modernization, Workplace Innovation, Process Automation and Customer Experience transformation solutions. Coforge’s deep expertise in Digital Process Automation technologies such as the low-code/no-code platforms, coupled by our strength in domain empowers organizations to accelerate growth, transform consumer experience, and create lasting value.

Airline Operations
Why OutSystems?

Highly recognised by industry Analysts:

  • Gartner has named OutSystems a Leader in two Magic Quadrants: the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multi-experience Development Platforms (MXDP) and the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP).
  • The Forrester Wave™ in its latest research for Low-Code Development Platforms, named OutSystems as Leader for - Application development and delivery (AD&D) Professionals. “OutSystems keeps pushing the boundaries of low-code platforms — into apps that process device readings and other streaming data, into AI, and into core business record-keeping systems”
  • In the new Vendor Profile report from IDC, OutSystems named as leader in model-driven or low-code application platforms and also quoted that it is helping IT organizations accelerate their digital transformation by enabling:
    • Better digital customer experiences
    • More efficient digital operations
    • Rapid development of modern core IT systems
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