Customer On-Boarding Automation - iCOB

Our award-winning Customer Onboarding Framework leverages an enterprise application platform to streamline, accelerate, and enhance your customer’s digital onboarding experience. The framework utilizes the power of workflow engine to ensure smooth configurable workflow and rules that enable business users to navigate through the onboarding journey with ease.

Key Features

  • iCOB has the ability to configure:
    • Products and services across multiple lines of business
    • Characteristics that defines a customer
    • Mandatory/non-mandatory requirements
    • Approval and workflow processes
    • Deadlines for approvals
  • Important customer characteristics during the registration process
  • Personalized requirements that have to be fulfilled and tracked to closure
  • Upload of supporting documents required for onboarding
  • Non-standard/one-off requirements that specific to a customer and tracks them to closure
  • Integration with multiple interfaces (like AML, KYC etc.) to facilitate and validate various checks
  • Tasks for documents that require periodic validations


  • No coding required to add new products, services, offerings or requirements
  • Ability to configure a new service offering and make it available to the business in a matter of days instead of weeks, resulting in savings on deployment and release management.
  • Automatic tracking and reporting of overdue tasks and SLAs, improving the overall onboarding process by 60%
  • Ability to consistently and correctly generate tasks based on products and services therefore reducing discrepancies by at least 30%
  • Ability to seamlessly roll out changes to framework on tablets, phones, and other mobility platforms without the need for platform-specific coding
  • Ability to improve overall visibility of the onboarding processes within the organization and increase operating efficiency by at least 20%
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